Creating an academy for customer onboarding

Options for creating an academy for customer onboarding

If your product is fairly complicated or has extensive features, an academy can be a great way to get users to understand all there is to it.

The contents of an academy strongly depend on your product, but we will list several scenarios in which an academy could help.

Group 3

Immediately after registration

Sometimes your users don’t have the fundamental knowledge to understand the entire value of your product. Create a course called “Why is product X necessary?” By doing this, you will be able to show learners exactly why your product is useful and inspire them to use it

First contact with your product

Let’s say the user already understands why they should use your product, and now you need to help them begin to do so.

Create a simple course called “The first day with product X.” Make getting familiar with the product a smooth and understandable process

Optimizing working with your product

Your user has already been using your product for several days, or even weeks. But sometimes they don’t use it as best they could. Tell them how they can optimize their processes. They will be grateful that you have saved them time

Promoting your product’s functions

Some functions take your developers weeks to develop, only to have them be underutilized by a segment of users, despite the fact that they are useful functions. Tell your users about all the functions available to them and advance their mastery of your product

Involving different roles

In a variety of fields you can educate not only the end users of your product, but their managers as well. Create a course and tell them how they can better organize the work of the people they manage who use your product

A course for partners and friends

If a user has already been using your product for a long time and is happy with it, you can’t always be teaching them something new. But they are loyal to your product.

Create a course they can share with their friends and partners, and ask them to share it. It will be easy for them to do this, and you will gain access to a new audience

Are you ready to turn your customers into masters of your SaaS?