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Academies upgrade your content, making it a powerful tool that captures nurtures scores converts your leads

Easily create courses using existing content

Academies are a new way to deliver content to your potential audience.

You can even transform your existing content (such as manuals, ebooks, whitepapers, and blog posts) into interesting and engaging courses.

Combine different types of content in each course to keep things interesting. Pique the interest of your potential audience and you’ll make them curious about your content—and then your product.

Visit and lead capture

Visit and lead capture

When visitors enter your Academy for the first time, they see an attractive landing page.

They can see a course preview, but they can’t open the course itself until they enter their email address. That’s when lead capture happens.

Contact details

Contact details

Every learner must enter their email address to get into your Academy.

Because of this essential step, you can track how every user interacts with your Academy content.

Exploring your Academy

Exploring your Academy

Visitors explore your content in a very clear, structured manner.

Interactive elements and gamified progress help keep their focus while reading.

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Detailed statistics

With every action a learner takes, you get more data about them.

Not only can you see the most active learners in your Academy, but you can also collect full statistics about your content. This data tells you which sections are most interesting to your audience.

Final call to action

Final call to action

You can add any call to action of your choosing at the end of each course.

Inspire learners to read another course, offer them an extended trial period, or share a promo code. Your course will have sparked their curiosity.

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