Online events with world experts to support Ukrainian HR and L&D. Join us for an international experience exchange!

Coaching for Ukraine

The Coaching for Ukraine project brings together hundreds of leading experts willing to support Ukrainian L&D and HR professionals and share their experiences with them.
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The project is supported by the Ukrainian Government
Live sessions
Free online webinars led by top L&D and HR experts and speakers from around the world. Presentations are held in English with simultaneous translation into Ukrainian. Each participant will be able to choose the language and receive a recording of the webinar!
Created for L&D and HR
For Ukrainian L&D and HR professionals who want to benefit from the support of world industry experts. The speeches will also be relevant to anyone who deals with team management, employee training and e-learning design.
Now open to specialists from around the world!
  • Discover the world's best practices in L&D, HR and e-learning
  • Get new experience and change your mindset
  • Find new colleagues for international networking
  • Exchange knowledge, with a purpose for global development
Agenda *
*the schedule is open to change, dates can be updated
Paul Matthews

Tom Haak

Sam D'Arc

Sam D'Arc

Lori Niles-Hofmann

Jessica Sremanak

Sudeshna Chatterjee

Dave Crenshaw

Laura Overton

Jo Cook

Todd Dewett

Don Phin

Catherine Mattice

Robin Hoyle

Aparna Gupta

Irina Ketkin

Brenda Bailey-Hughes

Donald H Taylor

Stella Collins

David Perring

Michelle Parry-Slater

Nigel Paine

Dean Karrel

Meet our experts
  • Todd Dewett
    Leadership and Authenticity Guru
    5xTEDx speaker, Best-selling Author, top LinkedIn Learning author

    Dr. Todd Dewett is a best-selling leadership author, educator, and speaker.
    Today he is a widely recognized expert on authenticity, leadership, relationships, and success. He speaks, writes, and has created an educational library of courses enjoyed by millions of professionals in nearly every country in the world.
    Todd has spoken over 1000 times to Fortune 500,
    billion dollar organizations such as Microsoft, Pepsi, Boeing, General Electric, IBM and hundreds of others.

  • Stella Collins
    Author, keynote speaker, Brain Lady
    Author of the sell-out book 'Neuroscience for Learning and Development'

    Stella Collins is the co-founder and Chief Learning Officer of Stellar Labs.
    She is a recognized expert on the practical application of evidence-based learning
    for business performance and is the author of the bestselling book Neuroscience for Learning and Development, which has been translated into four languages. Stella has over 25 years of research in psychology and neuroscience of learning.
    "There is no boring topic — only boring learning"
  • Aparna Gupta
    Strategic L&D consultant, author and coach
    Author of Udemy courses, certified coach at BetterUp, over 20 years in L&D.

    Aparna has 20 years of experience in designing and implementing L&D functions, roles, and solutions in global organizations.
    She has worked on workforce transformation
    and performance development process in functional, technical, leadership and behavioral areas to deliver performance impact.
    Aparna is an author of courses on Udemy as well as a certified BetterUp coach.

    “I use a combination of powerful mindset models, neuroscience techniques and ideas from positive psychology to help clients gain clarity, move towards and achieve their desired results."
  • Lori Niles-Hofmann
    Senior Learning EdTech Transformation Strategist
    Trusted adviser to Fortune 500 CLOs around the world

    Lori has 25 years of L&D experience across many industries, including international banking, management consulting, and marketing.
    Her specialization is large-scale digital learning transformations.
    After leading and completing numerous EdTech implementations,
    she has developed the data-based methodologies and frameworks that will empower your L&D teams to move from business support function to strategic business driver.
    “I am passionate about helping companies navigate through the ambiguity of change"
  • Irina Ketkin
    Learning and Development Consultant, Founder of The L&D Academy
    The most popular author of L&D courses on Udemy

    Iryna Ketkin is a learning and development consultant with over 10 years of experience. She helps organizations implement their own learning and development programs.
    In 2018, she founded Learning Adventures, a boutique learning and development consultancy. Iryna is also one of the most popular authors of L&D courses on Udemy, with more than 13,000 people taking her courses.
    “You can learn everything with enough drive, practice, and repetition. And, most importantly, it is the support of others."
  • Don Phin
    Certified eSpeaker, strategist, and coach
    Certified coach on leadership, emotional intelligence and risk management, LinkedIn Learning trainer

    Don Fin is passionate about people, culture and process success, and believes that successfully navigating the emotional landscape is fundamental for organizations and individuals to succeed. Don's most popular LinkedIn training courses focus on motivating and engaging employees and improving their performance.
    "The most important stories are the ones we tell ourselves! Wrong story — bad results. The right story — amazing results!"
  • Alex Games
    Scientist, AI-based learning expert
    Google Research associate

    Alex is a highly experienced applied scientist in the field of Human-Machine Supported Learning, cognitive and social sciences. He has extensive experience as a product/program engineering manager, data scientist, UX researcher, and e-learning designer based on interactive games.
    For 5 years Alex worked as a Principal Technical Product Manager at Amazon leading science experiments on accelerated learning for technical audiences.
    Alex now leads the product management team at Google Research,
    creating products, programs, and curricula built around learning science.
  • Karl Kapp
    Speaker, LinkedIn Learning author, scientist
    Consultant, entrepreneur, speaker, author of (LinkedIn Learning), scientist, L&D trainer

    Carl is an e-learning professional with a focus on interactive learning, games and gamification, and a researcher on the convergence of learning, technology and business operations
    Carl is the founder of The Learning and Development Mentor Academy, and co-founder of The Enterprise Game Stack, a game platform that uses the card paradigm to teach sales, leadership, and negotiation skills.
    “Don't hire a 'gamification guru', hire a training specialist who specializes in gamification"
  • Ricardo P. Romero Marin
    Recruiting and HR specialist
    L&D at DHL Express Americas, 12 years in HR

    Ricardo has 12 years of experience in recruiting, developing individual development plans, creating and implementing global and regional programs to retain new employees.
    He is currently the Senior Manager of Talent Management and L&D for DPDHL's Americas division.
    “I'm a Can Do solutions professional who enjoys helping others develop their skills and grow their potential, providing them with the tools to help them face new challenges with optimism and always with a smile."
  • Catherine Mattice
    Business coach, international speaker, author of LinkedIn Learning
    Author of LinkedIn Learning, Fortune 500 consultant on corporate culture

    Katherine is a well-known consultant on corporate culture and ethics, an expert on preventing bullying in the workplace (she even published a book called “BACK OFF!" on this topic). She is also the CEO of Civility Partners, a consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations create positive workplace cultures. Catherine works with Fortune 500 companies. She is also the author of LinkedIn Learning courses. She has been featured and quoted in USA Today, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, and CNN.
  • Robin Hoyle
    Writer, broadcaster and conference speaker
    Strategic leader of L&D, chairman of the World of Learning conference

    Robert is a regular columnist, blogger, and monthly contributor to Learning Now TV, as well as chairing the World of Learning conference.
    In 2021, he was named one of the 15 most influential people in L&D.
    He is Head of Learning Innovation at Huthwaite International, researching ways to improve the learning experience and impact of all Huthwaite learning activities.
    Robin Hoyle is the author of two books: "Informal Learning in Organizations: How to Create a Culture of Lifelong Learning" and "Total Learning: From Hire to Retirement".

  • Anna Micka
    Director of Recruitment and Employee Experience for Voyago Ontario's Mobility Brand
    Certified HR manager, professional HR association member, trainer

    Anna was born and raised in Odesa, Ukraine where she received her Bachelor's degree in Psychology. After moving to Canada in 2013, she studied Human Resource Management, gaining experience in a number of leadership positions and industries. Anna is currently the Director of Recruitment and Employee Experience at Voyago/Transdev, a large international transportation company.
    Anna also teaches Human Resources Manager courses
    for students at Conestoga College. She holds the title of Certified HR Executive and is a member of the HR Professional Association.
  • Donald H Taylor
    Chairman of the conference "Learning Technologies"
    Head of Learning Technologies Conference, writer, L&D influencer

    Writer, L&D influencer, researcher in adult learning, skills and technology. Winner of the Colin Corder Award for services to learning. Donald has a doctorate in L&D.
    He has been chairing the Learning Technologies Conference since 2000 and has been conducting the annual L&D Global Sentiment Survey since 2014.
    “I focus on bringing people and ideas together and creating space for useful conversations in learning—through organizing events, research, and writing."
  • Nigel Paine
    Co-Presenter of Learning Now TV at LNTV and From Scratch Podcast
    Former Head of L&D at BBC

    Author of books "The Learning Challenge", "Building Leadership Development Programmes that Work"
    Nigel Payne has been involved in corporate training for over 20 years. He has created learning software and award-winning multimedia materials.
    As Head of Learning and Development at the BBC, he oversaw the creation of a brand new training programme, a comprehensive leadership scheme for over 6000 staff, and a state-of-the-art informal learning and knowledge sharing network.

  • Brenda Bailey-Hughes
    LinkedIn Learning author, trainer and speaker
    Communications trainer for Fortune 500 companies, MBA lecturer

    Brenda is an award-winning educator and communication coach. She has helped thousands of business professionals develop their leadership and communication skills and has shared her expertise in influential communications with a wide range of audiences, from college freshmen to Fortune 500 executives. Brenda works as a Senior Lecturer at the Kelley School of Business with MBA students in areas such as creating great presentations, building confidence and reducing communication anxiety.
    Brenda is also co-owner of Team Performance, a communication, and leadership consulting group, and author of LinkedIn Learning courses.

  • David Perring
    L&D expert, author, researcher
    Board member of "Learning and Performance Institute"

    David has been involved in learning and talent development for over 30 years.
    During this time he has transformed people development practices in the organizations he has worked for using innovative strategies, new technologies, partnerships and teamwork.
    Now, as Research Director at Fosway Group, he keeps an eye on global trends in HR and HR Tech to ensure the effectiveness of learning and talent management.

  • Michelle Parry-Slater
    Award Winning Forward Thinking People Development Professional
    Author 'The Learning & Development Handbook'

    Michelle is an award-winning L&D professional. She is recognized in the industry for her hands-on approach. She was ranked 19th in the list of top 100 eLearning experts.
    “I focus on 'How to Do' better workplace learning. I want us to stop sticking plaster learning solutions, instead to dig into systemic and cultural issues which will enable L&D solutions to gain better traction and enable success".
  • Dean Karrel
    Author of "Mastering the Basics"
    Career Development Advisor, Sales Trainer, LinkedIn Learning Instructor

    Dean Karrel is a career development coach, sales trainer, and the instructor of fifteen courses with over 1 million views available on LinkedIn Learning. He has been in senior leadership positions for more than three decades with major global publishing companies, including 22 years at Wiley where he was senior vice president of sales.
    He is the author of Mastering the Basics: Simple Lessons for Achieving Success in Business.

  • Dave Crenshaw
    LinkedIn Learning Top 10 Course Instructor
    Keynote Speaker & Author on Productive Leadership

    Dave Crenshaw develops productive leaders in Fortune 500 companies, universities, and organizations of every size. He has appeared in Time magazine, USA Today, FastCompany, and the BBC News. His courses on LinkedIn Learning have been viewed tens of millions of times. His five books have been published in eight languages, the most popular of which is The Myth of Multitasking — a time management bestseller.
  • Jessica Sremanak
    Expert in career coaching
    Award-winning Educator, Corporate Speaker

    Jessica has worked as a Recruiting Manager at PwC, Associate Director of Professional Development at the Indiana University Kelley School of Business, and Associate Director of Career and Corporate Services at the University of Pennsylvania.
    She has a private consulting practice Resumebird where she helps clients articulate their personal brands.

    “My passion is helping others through the job search process, allowing them to be authentic and have successful careers"
  • Laura Overton
    International speaker, author and facilitator
    Learning Changemaker, founder of Towards Maturity

    Laura is a fellow of the RSA and the first female recipient of the Learning and Performance Institute's Colin Corder Award for outstanding achievement. She was also the first recipient of the Learning Technology award for outstanding achievement.
    Tracking the L&D learning innovation journey since 2004, Laura has authored/ co-authored of over 70 major research reports
    and, as a regular contributor to industry publications she has written over 300 articles.
  • Jo Cook
    Virtual classroom and webinar specialist and keynote speaker
    Expert in virtual training design and delivery

    Since 2013, Jo Cook has specialized in training learning professionals about virtual classroom and webinar design and delivery through her company, Lightbulb Moment.
    Jo is a speaker, instructional designer, and classroom facilitator. Her passion is helping teams, professionals, and organizations embrace the benefits of live, online learning technology.

  • John Hinchliffe
    Multi-award-winning digital learning expert
    Founder of the Global Learning and Development Community

    John has been named a Top 30 Trailblazing Thought leader by and won the Learning Giveback Silver Award at the LPI Learning Awards 2022 in recognition of his continued efforts to help others in the Learning & Development industry.
  • Olga Ozerian
    Training expert, corporate coach and consultant
    Training manager at Deloitte Canada

    15 years of experience in creating, implementing and managing strategic development programs.
    Olga has worked for Mary Kay Ukraine, Metro Cash and Carry Ukraine and
    product IT company iDeals. Currently works as a training manager at Deloitte

  • Paul Matthews
    Strategist, Author & Speaker
    Learning & Development Expert

    Over 20 years in L&D, Paul Matthews has become a popular speaker on the global stage—for his engaging, history-based approach and his desire to make L&D ideas easy to understand.
    Paul is the founder of the People Alchemy (LWP) workflow learning platform. He also runs workshops and consults for many large clients in the UK and beyond.

  • Tom Haak
    Keynote speaker on HR trends and the future of work
    Founder of HR Trend Institute

    Tom is the founded the HR Trend in 2014.
    Tom has an extensive experience in HR Management in multinational companies as Arcadis, Aon, KPMG and Philips Electronics.
    Tom has a keen interest in innovative HR and how organizations can benefit from trend shifts.
  • Erica Farmer
    Co-Founder & Business Director, Quantum Rise Talent Group
    TEDx speaker and LinkedIn Learning instructor

    Erica is a successful female founder and consultant, with over 20 years' experience delivering high impact apprenticeship, learning and development solutions in some of the UKs largest brands, such as LV=, British Gas, Specsavers and Virgin.
  • Hayley Bird
    Co-Founder & Delivery Director, Quantum Rise Talent Group
    Expert Online Facilitator

    Hayley Bird is the Co-Founder and Delivery Director of Quantum Rise Talent Group and has 10 years in employability and corporate training, learning and development. Hayley is a qualified teacher and experienced business partner and digital learning consultant.

  • Sam D'Arc
    COO at Zeigler Auto Group
    Host of leadership podcasts

    Trusted leader building high-performance teams focused on Auto Dealer Operations, creating synergies, competition, and relationships of trust between F&I, Sales, and Service departments.

  • Your Expert
    Who else would you like to see?
    If there are special experts you would like to see speaking at our events, please e-mail us, and we will try to invite them!

    We are looking forward to your ideas!

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