AcademyOcean is an academy builder for SaaS companies

Turn customers into masters of your SaaS

Educate your users with a personalized online
An Academy provides structured lessons, a reward system, and built-in analytics. It helps customers gain a deeper understanding of the features and benefits of your product.

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Why AcademyOcean?

We have created a product fully intended to meet the needs of SaaS companies.
Thanks specifically to this focus on SaaS companies, we were able to streamline our product. Now, creating an Academy is a much simpler, faster, and more efficient process.
Learn about all of AcademyOcean's features on our Product page.

Academy vs. Other Tools

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Easy to edit
Easily make edits to previously created content
Lead capture
Collect visitors' contact information
Content Statistics
Detailed statistics on different sections of the content. For example, which sections are popular and which need improvement
Mobile friendly
Accessibility of content on any device. Mobile, tablet, desktop

AcademyOcean Customer Stories:

  • Yes, we happily use our own product! 😊


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