Create courses in minutes, not months

Forget the coding! You can create gorgeous e-learning courses with AcademyOcean in minutes, regardless of your technical chops

Seamless delivery
No technical skills needed

Enhance your L&D expertise with AI-generated learning content

Let our AI-powered course builder do the work for you. Just enter a topic and some keywords, and your course will be ready to go in minutes. Or use AI suggestions to enhance your existing courses with relevant content, quizzes, and feedback.

Results in under a minute
Adapts to learning styles

Learning Paths

Assign learners to different groups or roles and automate their training flows.

Painless Management

Copy, clone, and edit courses with a few clicks. Every second counts!

SCORM Support

Seamlessly integrate your existing course materials into our platform.

Trusted by businesses from 30 countries


Discover scalability at its finest

Expand your learning horizons with AcademyOcean LMS

Multiple Portals

Train diverse teams or branches in dedicated learning portals. Customize each portal with its own branding, colors, domain, and settings to match specific needs.


With end-to-end data encryption, SSO, high availability, and robust privacy protections, your IT department will love AcademyOcean.


Getting started with AcademyOcean is simple. There’s no software to download, patch, or upgrade – ever.

“The AcademyOcean LMS looks great! Visual reports, dashboard, multiple academies' possibility — I really like it! Very nice full-featured LMS. Really nice”

“I love the fact that it's so easy to create content, and it's even easier to curate it. In the long-term, any admin of the system will ultimately save a lot of time”

Proven outcomes

Break free from uncertainty with robust learning analytics

See how learners progress, where they drop off, and what motivates them to continue

Progress Reports

Get detailed statistics on every aspect of your training programs: courses, quizzes, exams, and surveys.

Filters and Export

Tailor reports to showcase how your learning programs drive business transformation.

Engagement Funnels

Track and optimize your learners’ engagement with our unique funnel.


Ensure that learners have retained the training material

Our platform gives you the freedom to design assessments that accurately measure learner progress 

Quizzes & Exams

Reinforce learning material with quizzes and exams of all complexity levels.

Video Responses

Utilize scenario-based assessments to test hands-on skills.

Precision progress tracking
Dynamic learning challenges
Customized learning paths


Provide immediate audio or text feedback for your learners.

Anti-Cheating Protection

Fine-tune settings such as attempts, deadlines, and passing scores.


Keep learners informed and engaged.


"Our mission is to help you transform employee growth into company growth. Welcome to AcademyOcean!"

CEO & Founder AcademyOcean

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Probably the best SaaS to create an Academy! I really like the fact that the certification process is handled directly from the app! I also enjoyed the analytics which is very detailed

Co-Founder & CEO at Lemlist

What I like most is the elaborate UI/UX and easy of use for both admin and learner. It takes literally 10 minutes to create and launcha new educational course

CMO at Reply

We choose AcademyOcean as our learning management solution mainly because of its ease of use and the great functionality it offers us. It was basically an out-of-the-box solution we could use right away!

CMO at Loxone

Since launching our academy, we've been able to spend 60% less time on onboarding

HR-Director of Netpeak Group
Learners Countries
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