We know that the higher the number of learners and content becomes, the more often administrators have sleepless nights suffering from nightmares imagining ways of managing it.

But this is not about AcademyOcean! Flexible access assignment, convenient content structure, fast work with several educational portals—you will definitely appreciate AcademyOcean's October updates! After all, one of the platform's main advantages is the ease of use and management.

We also launched a new fabulous service 🤩 Read more in our update!

👍 Copying content in a few clicks

Those owning several academies, get ready!😀

Our new, seemingly simple feature will become indispensable for managing multiple learning portals.

Now, you can copy entire folders, in addition to copying courses within the same academy or between them.

Administrators don’t have to copy all the courses one by one (which takes a long time if there are a lot of courses).

AcademyOcean Folders copy

You can copy a folder with its contents or use the master replica feature to interrelate them. Then changes in the source folder will occur in all its copies. Thus, you won't have to waste time switching, searching, and replacing if you have a folder with the same content in various academies.

😱 Why grade learners with 0?

Now, in quizzes with a passing score, you can add questions graded with 0. Thus, learners will receive points only for questions that require specific knowledge.

 AcademyOcean passing score in Quizzes

But why would someone want to do this? Often, there is a need to add particular questions that don’t assess their knowledge. Let's imagine that you want to add a few critical for interactions with learners, questions that aren’t meant to evaluate their knowledge. For example, “rate our course,” “Where did you learn about our academy,” etc.

Now, feel free to add these technical questions without affecting the objectivity of the assessment.

A customized plan to improve your academy

Recently, at the request of several clients, we analyzed their accounts. After receiving a lot of good feedback, we decided to make such a service available on request for subscription plans starting with Premium.

What is an account analysis?

As platform developers, we know every corner of it and dozens of use cases for the same function that users may not even know to exist.

By conducting an analysis, we help you open the full potential of your academy, offering a different perspective on some functions, optimizing processes, and speeding up the interaction time with the platform.

To conduct an analysis, we will ask you for access to the academy and examine it to ensure it is set up best according to your company’s needs.

The process consists of 2 stages:

Analysis. Our product specialist and designer evaluate your academy (how are the processes built, are they convenient, are they practical for learners, how is the content designed and structured, etc.)

Recommendation. We then develop a customized improvement plan for your academy. 

For example, after analyzing the academy of one of the clients, we found that after a learner completes the onboarding, they get access to all the courses within the company. 👇

In this case, we recommended dividing the courses into groups and building a step-by-step pathway. We also advised setting a condition for opening new courses: make them available only after completing the key ones.

📣 Blog news and more

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