Cloud LMS

Skip the months-long setup times. You're about to choose the easiest-to-use cloud based LMS

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Benefits of Cloud LMS

Benefits of LMS On Cloud

No installations

Simply log in to the web portal to access the full functionality


You won't lose your data because it's securely stored on servers

Quality of training

Access to content not tied to a specific device or location

Accessible From Anywhere

Your learners can take the training from any location around the world

In the age of mobile learning, it's important to give employees the opportunity to learn at their preferred time: at work, on their way home, or in between meetings.

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Mobile learning LMS on cloud

Flexible Learning Experience

Adaptive platform design will provide a great learning experience from any device

Great learning experience

Freedom to choose your training device, personal profile, and roadmap—maximum useful features to increase employee adoption and engagement.

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Data Security

AcademyOcean meets the highest LMS security standards and more

In addition to industry-standard protections in AcademyOcean's cloud learning management system, you'll find a separate section with settings for content protection, login restrictions, and more.

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AcademyOcean LMS security settings

Fully Integrated

LMS cloud solution that will easily fit into your technology stack

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