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Build a culture of learning that encourages employees to seek, share, and apply new knowledge. Get the most from an engaging online platform for onboarding training and continuous learning.

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Unlock the power of seamless employee onboarding with a cutting-edge LMS tailored for comprehensive training and skill development from day one
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Faster adaptation of new team members with LMS for employee onboarding

Improved performance
Accelerate your onboarding
Increased satisfaction
Fire-up hires from day one
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Better retention
Get confident and happy team members

Onboard new hires with your customized onboarding courses

Elevate your employee onboarding experience with a structured, engaging, and immersive process that sets new hires up for success from the very start

Clear roadmap for a new team member to advance their careers using an onboarding LMS

Set clear expectations by creating a new hire training program. Introduce new employees to your company and their role

Provide new hires with online onboarding training programs to conduct training and run tasks. Divide up the job positions and assign different mentors

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Craft a well-designed, strategic onboarding program that aligns with your organizational goals, empowering new hires with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive

With AcademyOcean's smart team feature, you can set up an automatic learning process, entailing step-by-step progress for each role.

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Personalize learning journeys with adaptive paths that cater to individual needs, ensuring a tailored and efficient onboarding experience for every new employee

Defines your company’s key policies and procedures: the What, Why, How and Who. Employees can look up the answers themselves, thus saving you time.

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Transform your employee handbook into an interactive, digital resource that streamlines onboarding, providing new hires with instant access to vital information

Interactive courses and quizzes

No more papers and letters of assignment. Use an interactive format to engage employees from day 1 at the company

Engage new hires with captivating video-based training that brings concepts to life, fostering an immersive and memorable onboarding experience

Use video lessons or in-person online meetings to get closer to your employee from the get-go!

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Embrace multimedia resources that cater to diverse learning preferences, creating an immersive and multisensory onboarding journey for maximum knowledge retention

Use a variety of content formats: pictures, audio, presentations. Engage different types of memory so that information can be better absorbed and remembered

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Effortlessly schedule assessments at strategic intervals to evaluate onboarding progress, ensuring new hires are on track to meet your organizational benchmarks

Set a schedule and deadlines. Make sure the newcomer goes through onboarding straight according to the HR checklist.

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Check employees' knowledge and learn how successful their onboarding process goes

Create exams and quizzes of any level of complexity. Check how newcomers have learned new materials

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Reinforce critical knowledge with interactive quizzes and exams that challenge new hires, solidifying their understanding of essential onboarding concepts

One of the best ways to test communication and other skills is to ask the employee to record video or audio responses.

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Empower new hires to showcase their practical skills through video submissions, providing valuable insights into their applied knowledge and readiness

Each curator sees in one convenient place all the tasks from newcomers that require manual approval

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Stay organized with a centralized task center that streamlines onboarding activities, ensuring new hires remain focused and on track throughout their journey

Engaging and gamified onboarding

Provide new hires with a memorable and engaging onboarding experience

Inject excitement into the onboarding process with gamification elements that tap into human motivation, fostering engagement and driving continuous learning

Create a competitive environment and motivate newcomers via an interactive adaptation program with ranks and leaderboards.

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Ensure consistent and impartial evaluation with automated grading, providing new hires with accurate and transparent feedback on their performance

Set up your own grading system so that employees know exactly where they are now and what they need to strive for

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Recognize and celebrate onboarding milestones with digital certificates that validate achievements and serve as a source of motivation for continuous growth

Use certificates both to engage and to verify knowledge levels required

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Make your training something they'll love

Personalization, chats, and more. AcademyOcean ensures that every new employee is motivated to succeed.

Give feedback and leave comments on completed assignments. You can also get feedback from newcomers on how they're feeling and have productive follow-up conversations if necessary

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Harness the power of continuous feedback loops to identify areas for improvement and refine your onboarding program for maximum effectiveness

Be there when your new employees need you most. Connect intercom chat or other messengers so that your newbie can ask their questions and get immediate answers.

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Foster seamless communication and collaboration among new hires and trainers through integrated chat tools that facilitate real-time support and knowledge sharing

A personalized approach allows new employees to feel included from the moment they accept the offer.

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Deliver a truly personalized onboarding experience tailored to individual needs, learning styles, and career goals for maximum engagement and ROI

Track real-time progress

See the big picture: how much progress employees are making and how successful the onboarding program is

Gain a comprehensive view of onboarding progress with an intuitive dashboard that provides real-time insights into learner performance and program effectiveness

Get a picture of what's going on in your academy: number of active learners, popular training times, location of learners, and more

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Leverage visual funnels to analyze onboarding engagement, identifying drop-off points and optimizing the learner journey for improved retention and outcomes

Check the quality of your content to find the source of employee turnover and make improvements

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Make data-driven decisions with comprehensive reporting that provides granular insights into onboarding analytics, empowering you to continuously refine and optimize your program

Find out how complicated getting up to speed is and whether your employees need help.

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"Since launching our academy, we`ve been able to spend 60% less time on onboarding"

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