Universal LMS For The Automotive Industry

The top-notch Auto LMS for building a comprehensive automotive training academy for your workforce

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Auto lms specialized for automotive firms

A universally accessible Auto LMS platform for everyone

User-friendly interface motivating employees to engage willingly

Unified automotive sale training hub

Offering varied automotive software training based on roles, like safety for production workers, sales for dealership staff, and more

Auto LMS  that seamlessly Integrates into your workflow

Round-the-clock automotive software training accessible from any device empowers employees to learn at their convenience

Benefits for Automotive Sale Training & Car Dealerships

AcademyOcean automotive learning solution ensures straightforward and accessible training tailored to individual employee needs

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Engaging training

Create interactive courses and quizzes in just a few minutes on the LMS automotive platform

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Transform dull instructions into clickable images for more memorable service manuals for technicians and mechanics inside the automotive sale training software

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video answers

LMS automotive learning platform allows to effectively assess sales reps' communication skills and boost their confidence through tasks with video answers to practice various customer scenarios

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Automotive sale training platform allows for diverse tests and surveys available, allowing for setting passing scores or deadlines for certification or evaluations

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Easy management

Manage and centralize your learning in one standalone system

Tailor LMS automotive training programs for distinct roles, departments, or branches and manage content access to cater to each employee's learning requirements

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Establish separate automotive training academy portals for partners, dealerships, etc., in addition to employees

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Personalize the platform to align with your company's branding, with full editability, including training certificates, platform colors, and domain

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Real-Time Performance Tracking

Utilize built-in reports to track training results and performance


Convenient visual dashboards offer quick insights into vital metrics, including real-time portal activities and content quality

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automotive sale training

Visual dashboards provide a quick overview of key metrics, including real-time portal activities or even content quality.

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Connect every part of your business

Employ Zapier, APIs, and Webhooks for seamless integration of the learning platform with diverse services and applications

We’re with you every step of the way

Our team remains accessible to assist with technical queries or platform-related inquiries to help you get the most from our automotive learning solution.

One-on-one training sessions conducted by product experts

Comprehensive AcademyOcean Auto LMS guide

Real-time chat support on the platform

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See how AcademyOcean will work in your organization

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