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Create high-quality quizzes for training, assessment, or certification purposes with AcademyOcean LMS

Integrate An Interactive Online Quiz Maker To Diversify The Learning Process

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Find Gaps In Knowledge

Create engaging and effective quizzes.

With AcademyOcean, you can test knowledge and skills in various ways. Help employees better understand their strengths and weaknesses to focus their learning efforts.

14 different LMS quiz options

Complex exam management

Home tasks with manual approval

Exam management at AcademyOcean LMS

Create A Quiz To Gamify The Learning Process

Quizzes and surveys at AcademyOcean LMS

Keep employees interested and engaged.

Help them better retain the information. In addition to deep testing and exams, you can use AcademyOcean’s quiz tools to support learner feedback.

NPS surveys

Quizzes with ranks and reactions

Feedback in audio messages

Notifications and comments from tutors

Enjoy extensive functionality to build your perfect quiz

Collect question libraries for different categories and topics using tags. It allows you to create new quizzes in minutes!

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Tag quizzes at AcademyOcean LMS

Schedule and conduct one-on-one meetings or group webinars to get closer to your learners.

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Checklist for exam at AcademyOcean LMS

Customize quiz rules to meet your training needs and protect from cheating. Shuffle questions, limit the quiz attempts, select soft or strict count for the multiple-choice, etc.

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Quizze settings at AcademyOcean LMS
Certificates with grades at AcademyOcean LMS

Effective Engagement

Add more value to your assessments with a grading system.

AcademyOcean LMS allows you to set up scores and grades based on the training program requirements and your vision. You can customize unique certificates for each grade.

Practice Makes Perfect

Create scenario-based assessments to help your employees practice what they learn.

Tasks with video answers are an excellent way to test communication skills, confidence, language-speaking skills, etc.Add audio and video to your questions to check listening skills or the learner's attention to detail.

Video task at AcademyOcean LMS

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