Create employee training
that inspires

Build a culture of learning that encourage employees to seek, share, and apply new knowledge

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Create employee training that inspires

The world changes quickly, and so do the ways you work

79% of CEOs worldwide are concerned that a lack of essential skills in their workforce is threatening the future growth of their organizations.

Source: The PwC Report

You can’t innovate if you don’t have a workforce with the necessary skills. To stay ahead, you need employee training management software that is built with learners, admins, and company in mind.

We've got all the use cases covered

Our employee learning management system helps you tackle every new learning need as it arises

Training & Development

Deliver an employee development program that meets the needs of every learner

Provide employees with the reskilling they need to boost performance and the upskilling they need to advance their careers.

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Knowledge management tool. All the important need-to-knows of your workplace are organized

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Encourage your team to hit their goals by providing learners with personalized completion certificates

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Future-proof your business with automated and decentralized processes



Help new employees connect the dots faster and reduce their ramp-up time.


Compliance training

Update employees on the latest policies and regulatory requirements.


SOP guides

Organize standard operating procedures in one place.

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Engaging experience

Build the ideal environment to motivate your employees. Make your training something they’ll love

Micro-sized training, accessible whenever and wherever you want

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Find out your learners’ needs and quickly identify skill gaps

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All the requirements of LMS combined with LXP features, such as personalization, social learning, comms, and grades

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Provide your learners with a unique interaction experience

Dynamic content

Adapt your training to meet each learner's needs in order to guide them more effectively to results.

Custom interface

Get full control over the platform's visuals: from the course page and learner profile to the texts and buttons.


Send notifications to your learners by easily connecting an email tool or messenger, such as Intercom.

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Test employees' knowledge and help them understand their level and points of growth

Check if your learners have mastered the material. Create exams and quizzes at any complexity level

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Practice makes perfect. Let learners test their confidence and skills by recording video or audio responses

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All tasks that require manual approval are collected in one convenient place

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Analyze to get powerful insights

Make better decisions and implement meaningful changes powered by detailed statistics

Discover where learners are making progress or falling

Dive into each individual learner's card to see their scores

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Check the quality of your content with funnels

Identify learner churn points and make improvements

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Get reports on all employee activity on the platform

Create detailed custom reports using filters

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Get a picture of what's going on in your academy with metrics that are calculated in real-time

Find out the number of active learners, popular training times, location of learners, and more

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We’re with you every step of the way

Our customer success team will assist you all the way until you reach your online learning goals:

Personal training sessions with solution consultants

Access to a detailed academy all about AcademyOcean

Live chat support on the platform.

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Growing the HR world together

Our social project supports Ukrainian specialists in wartime. We provide the opportunity to learn from the world's best experts.

Social project for training Ukrainian HR and L&D supported by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, as well as Google, TED, Udemy, McDonald's, and others.


Interview HR thought leaders and L&D Influencers to share knowledge

See how AcademyOcean will work in your organization

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