LMS Reporting And Analytics

Make data-driven decisions and improve learning outcomes with AcademyOcean LMS

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AcademyOcean LMS reporting and analytics

LMS Analytics for E-learning Process

Employee training statistics

Save time with automated reporting on learning history, exam results, survey responses, and other activities.

Multilayered Reporting

A quick look at the big picture and multiple layers for detailed analysis will allow you to make the right data-driven decisions.

Measuring user engagement

Provide personalized recommendations to learners based on their interests, learning style, and progress.

Track All The Metrics To See Learner's Progress

Out-of-the-box reports on each academy's activities

The summary report provides information on the number of learners who completed the courses and the duration they took to finish. Dive deeper to see more:

course-specific data
each learner's perspective

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Course statistics at AcademyOcean LMS

Get detailed stats on quizzes, surveys, exams, and tasks with manual approval.

Eye-catching visualization
Statistics of all attempts

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Quizzes statistics at AcademyOcean LMS

Monitor the overall and detailed statistics on the certificates received by your learners. Control certificate expiration dates, renew and verify authenticity.

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Certificates statistics at AcademyOcean LMS

Customize Reports For Your Needs

The data you need the way you need

 Learner progress stats at AcademyOcean LMS

Look at the big picture of learning progress, or go to a learner's card to see specific metrics like

what teams the learner belongs to
date of signing up for the academy
start and end date of each course
completed lessons
average time spent in the lesson and more

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Filters and export at AcademyOcean’s LMS statistics

Use diverse filters to build custom reports and get the most relevant information from AcademyOcean’s LMS statistics. Export and share reports via Excel with stakeholders.

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Create Infographics With LMS Analytics Dashboard

Make it easier to understand and interpret

AcademyOcean’s dashboard helps to reveal trends in learner behavior and performance, which can help you make informed decisions about your course or program.

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Dashboard at AcademyOcean LMS

The Academy Feed is like your source of inspiration. Here, you can see the main activities in real-time and receive juicy notifications, such as "You already have 100 learners in your academy", "the first learner from Italy has joined you," etc.

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Academy feed at AcademyOcean LMS

User Engagement Assessment

Make analytics your secret weapon for improved engagement

 Funnel view at AcademyOcean LMS

Engaged learners are more likely to retain and apply information in real-world situations. AcademyOcean’s funnels are a unique feature that gives you valuable insights about the effectiveness of courses or the reasons for course churn. So you can adjust the training materials to improve learning outcomes.

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