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Automate employee training

Speed up new hire onboarding and train current employees with fashionable, industry-leading LMS for finance and banking. An LMS lets you optimize bringing on new hires, training employees, and providing staff development.

Speed up product training

Create learning courses on the products and the services you provide and grant the appropriate employees access to them. These employees will learn exactly what they need to do their job more efficiently. Training employees in customer service allows achieving incredible heights in any industry.

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Implement a unified approach to training

An LMS can help you create a unified learning approach in your regions or departments. Ensure that each branch is operating according to the same industry standards.

Train selling skills

Make your employees more versatile within the finance industry. In addition to knowledge about products, it could be helpful for employees to learn sales scripts, customer service standards, or skills for working with complaints.

Review employees

With an LMS, evaluating how employees are fulfilling their roles and carrying out performance reviews is easy. Get automated reports to help save learning time.

Advantages of AcademyOcean LMS for banks

banking training program

Quick implementation

AcademyOcean LMS is ready to work with on day one. You won't need to install anything or do any significant preparation to create new finance and bank training programs.

You get a complete tool with powerful features for visualization, branding, and interactive content.

Easy access

Our LMS bank platform is available 24/7 and adapts to any device.

Employees will have around-the-clock access to knowledge and will be able to complete learning courses at their convenience.

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Banking security


Data security is crucial in banking and finance. With AcademyOcean, all of your data is protected.

Our system fully complies with the industry security standards of Europe, the US, and the CIS.

In addition, we offer a Security Center with access settings and ways to protect content, including copy protection, restricting access by IP, and much more.

Interactive training

Create partnership training courses with a variety of content that you can tailor to your learning goals.

For example, if you want to train sales skills, you can add videos or audio clips with scripts. For software training, you can include images with hotspots (little pop-up tips). You can also host webinars and video meetings directly on the platform.

banking training program
lms in banking

Each branch gets their own portal

Launch independent training portals for your company's branches or departments and even companies operating in other industries.

This is particularly useful for companies that operate across the globe or in multiple languages.

Each portal can have its own branding, interface language, admin team, and content developers.

Detailed analytics

Detailed reports on all learner activity enable you to track and increase employee productivity.

View which learning topics give learners the most difficulty, and from there, simplify how the material is presented or retrain employees as needed.

financial services training
financial service training


Issue certificates for completed courses or exams.

This keeps employees engaged in the training process and motivated. Additionally, employees can share their certificates on social media.

Certification can also be used as a requirement for promotions.

Key Benefits
Bank Employee Training
Utilize a specialized LMS for the banking industry to deliver effective and efficient training. Provide comprehensive training programs tailored for bank employees, covering various topics to enhance their knowledge and skills.
Compliance Training
Provide comprehensive training on banking regulations, compliance, and industry standards to ensure employees are knowledgeable and compliant.
Product Knowledge
Offer in-depth training on banking products, services, and offerings to equip employees with the necessary expertise to serve customers effectively.
Training Bank Employees
Equip bank employees with the necessary skills and knowledge through targeted training programs and resources. Implement a structured and comprehensive banking training program that addresses key areas of expertise in the banking industry.
Onboarding and Orientation
Streamline the onboarding process for new bank employees by providing a structured and efficient training program that familiarizes them with the organization's policies, procedures, and culture.
Security and Fraud Awareness
Train employees on security protocols, fraud detection, and prevention measures to safeguard sensitive customer information and mitigate risks.
Banking Software Training
Provide training on specific banking software systems to ensure employees are proficient in utilizing the software for their daily tasks.
Leadership and Management
Develop leadership and management skills for bank executives and managers, equipping them with the knowledge and abilities to lead teams and drive organizational success.
Professional Certifications
After completing the banking training program, offer certification programs to validate employees' banking expertise and enhance their professional credentials in the financial services industry.
Performance Tracking and Analytics
Monitor and track employees' training progress, performance, and achievements through robust tracking and analytics features, enabling data-driven decision-making and program evaluation aimed at more productive financial service training.

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