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Online training that's available 24/7

Train on autopilot

M-learning software solutions training can be accessed anywhere, from any device. You can start a course or a learning program on your office computer and finish it on your mobile device on the way home

Franchise support

Courses with bite-sized pieces of content are a great way to increase learner engagement — mainly when courses can be accessed on mobile devices thanks to highly adaptable and light software

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Flexibility and speed

Have you got a lot of Zoomers on your team? Deliver a captivating learning experience on the AcademyOcean online platform and mobile, which will likely be popular with Gen Z. They love our healthcare LMS software solution.

Create lessons, tests, and webinars that will automatically adapt to any mobile device: laptops, phones, tablets, personal computers and more.

Brand integrity

AcademyOcean helps you implement uniform training standards, maintaining consistency across your business learning courses. Train all your franchise locations at the same high level.

Integrate training into your mobile app via our software

Do you have a company mobile app and worry that getting employees to start using a whole new solution for learning could be challenging? Embed AcademyOcean LMS, an online course creator, in your company`s mobile app!

Why don't we have a mobile app?

We made a conscious decision against one to protect our clients from the following problems:

Possible software failures or interruptions
Frequent LMS software updates required
Restrictions imposed by App Store and Google Play
Risk of data security breaches if a device is infected with a virus
Multiple apps for various platforms and operating systems: iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows
Delays in synchronizing across different versions of LMS 

Advantages of the mobile version of AcademyOcean

AcademyOcean is a 100% online cloud-based solution. This means that you don't need to download or install any software if you want to use our LMS mobile platform. AcademyOcean solution adapts fully to any device!

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Make your online training course a part of your mobile app

If you have your own mobile or desktop app, it's easy to integrate AcademyOcean

This keeps learners in a familiar environment and ensures seamless transition to the training portal.

Enjoy all the same advantages of the mobile version of AcademyOcean LMS!

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Key advantages of AcademyOcean

We're trusted by companies around the world

Key features of AcademyOcean LMS 

AcademyOcean Feature
Benefit for your Companyon
Simplified Onboarding
Reduces onboarding time and complexity.
Unified Training Standards
Ensures consistent and standardized training across the organization.
Engages learners through game-like elements and rewards.
Progress Tracking
Tracks learner progress and performance with quizzes, polls, and tests.
Convenient Accessibility
Provides online access to training materials anytime, anywhere from any device. Doesn’t require installing anything.
Deliver bite-sized learning modules for quick and efficient learning. Complete quizzes, assessments, and assignments directly on mobile devices.
Multimedia Support
Incorporate multimedia elements like videos, audio, and images.

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