AcademyOcean LMS for mobile e-learning

Learn on the go with AcademyOcean

Mobile Learning Platform

With AcademyOcean, you get the best

Training that's available 24/7

Training can be accessed anywhere, from any device. You can start a course on your office computer and finish it on your phone on the way home.

Learn anywhere

Courses with bite-sized pieces of content are a great way to increase student engagement — especially when courses can be accessed on mobile devices.

Great for microlearning

Do you have a company app and worry that it could be tough to get employees to start using a whole new system? Embed AcademyOcean in your company app!

Integrate training into your app

Create lessons, tests, and webinars that will automatically adapt to any device: computers, phones, tablets, and more.

No extra configuration

Got a lot of zoomers on your team? Deliver a great learning experience both on the AcademyOcean web platform and on mobile, which will likely be popular with Gen Z.

Gen Z-approved

Potential failures or downtime

Why don't we have a mobile app?

App Store and Google Play restrictions
Synchronization delays between different versions
Constant updates
Data security breaches (should there be a virus on a device)
Different apps for iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows
We made a conscious decision against one to protect our clients from the following problems:

Advantages of the mobile version of Academy Ocean

AcademyOcean is a 100% cloud-based solution. This means that you don't need to download or install anything if you want to use our platform. AcademyOcean adapts fully to any type of device!
Maintenance is done entirely on the AcademyOcean side
System updates are available instantaneously
Interface and content are fully adaptive
No need to download anything or use device storage
Available with all plans

Make your training portal part of your app
If you have your own app, it's easy to integrate AcademyOcean.

This keeps learners in a familiar environment and ensures that their transition to the training portal is seamless.

Enjoy all the same advantages of the mobile version of AcademyOcean!

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Key advantages of AcademyOcean

✔️ Multiple training portals
Create an unlimited number of training portals (called academies) with their own branding, domains, and interface languages.
✔️ Dynamic content
Adapt your training content for each individual learner.

Build personal learning paths based on what you know about a learner and their training.
✔️ Synchronization module
Instantaneously copy and edit lessons, courses, and entire academies.

No need to spend time manually creating dozens of lessons.
✔️ Detailed statistics
Analyze learner progress and the quality of your content.

View detailed reports as tables or funnels, set filters, and export reports as Excel or CSV files.
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