Turn LMS 2.0 into a training portal with the look and feel of your company
White label LMS
With AcademyOcean, you get the best
Make your eLearning platform a component of your brand!
You already have great branding. We'll take it from there
Ensuring content security.
Releasing regular improvements and updates.
Handling technical issues.
Providing an LMS with an intuitive and clear interface.
We take care of the following:
Your branding is your greatest asset — it defines you. We ensure that this is reflected in your LMS.

Training portals
with unique branding

Assign different administrators and editors for each portal.
Manage all of your portals easily in one account.
For example, you can create separate portals for employee and customer training, or you can create personalized portals for large clients.
Personalize the training experience for each target audience.
Create an unlimited number of training portals with their own branding, language, and domain.

We'll stay behind the scenes

You'll get a platform that looks like a natural component of your brand, with no "Powered by" anywhere.
Remove our name everywhere
We'll send all email notifications from a neutral email address or on behalf of your company.
Email notifications

Design and branding

Make the most of the opportunity to design your training portal to look like the rest of your brand's content so your audience will recognize the look and feel
3. Your domain name
Use your domain for your training portal, or set different domains for different portals, if you have more than one.
Upload a logo and favicon and use our color options and themes to create a personalized training environment.
2. Logo and favicon
Create a homepage with your branding to greet your learners. You can fully configure this page: choose a template, add a background, insert a video, change the colors, and much more.
1. Welcome page
Your learners will receive recognition for what they've learned, and they can share their certificates on social media.
Use our modern templates or create your own, add your logo, and change colors. AcademyOcean has all the tools you need to do this.
Customizing your portal's style is just the beginning. You can also create an individualized certificate design.

Custom certificates

Additional features

Zapier integration lets you easily connect over 2,000 apps, no developers needed! You can connect your HR system, CRM, mailout service, or any other program.
You can use the AcademyOcean API to create users, add them to groups, grant/revoke access to training portals, and transfer data to and from our LMS.

AcademyOcean works seamlessly with other apps that you use

We've taken care of security

Our entire system is secure, but we offer additional security settings for you to manage
Watermarks for PDFs
Registration confirmation by email
Two-factor authentication
Limits on the number of devices a learner can use
Limiting access by IP address or domain
Strong passwords
Copy protection
AcademyOcean has been working with companies in Europe and the US since 2016, and our system is fully compliant with the security standards in the countries where our product is used.
SSL connection
This helps you convey your brand's tone and preserves company style choices even in training materials.
With the tools we've developed, you'll be able to make your educational portal unique. Create your own interface text in different languages, using any symbols and emoji you want.

Multiple languages and a customizable interface

To do this, you can use predefined variables (first name, last name, email address, country, city) or create your own.
Picture this: learners in Berlin will see the office plan for your Berlin office and a video message from their manager, while learners in Paris will see the Paris office and a list of employees who work there.

All of this can be arranged in one single lesson!

With AcademyOcean, you can adapt your content for each learner without creating dozens of different lessons.
This is a unique AcademyOcean development that combines automation and a personalized approach to each user.

Content personalization

Read about all our unique features, which help companies around the world craft an unforgettable learning experience
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Adaptation and training

With AcademyOcean,
you get the best

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