There are two approaches to learning. The first one is rigid and doesn't give learners control over deadlines, content, and learning paths. This approach is very traditional and implies that a teacher takes responsibility for the learning process and does it according to their idea of how learning should look.

The second approach is learner-focused, allowing them to show motivation and actively participate in training activities. It implies designing training courses tailored to learners' needs.

Learner-centred approach information

What Is A Learner-Centered Approach?

So, what is a learner-centered method? Before answering this question, let's discuss the traditional approach, in which learners are considered empty glasses to be filled with knowledge. In this case, learners react to external stimulation. No one asks how they want to learn, how to perceive information better, how fast they can do it, and how long they can stay focused.

Learner-centered approach, as it goes from the name, focuses on learners. It gives this method the advantage, as it assumes creating training that matches every learner's needs. The central aspect is that training material must be convenient. Thus, individual traits and preferences are met.

People who perceive textual information better can avoid working with video or audio. And vice versa. You can use interactive courses, accompany the video with text subtitles, and supplement the text with an audio recording.

Learning materials must contain real-life examples that are understandable for learners. If your team consists of people from different age groups, you need to consider what is exciting and valuable for people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s to match their learning needs and preferences.

Let learners develop content on their own. Remote training is not an exception. Thanks to various integrations with AcademyOcean, you can create numerous courses. Select topics you would like to share and ask them to add additional materials to the course as they learn. Over time, these courses will become beneficial for the whole company.

Why Take a Learner-Centered Approach?

Learner-centered environment definition assumes that the main idea is to involve a person in learning. From this perspective, involvement and motivation are two main aspects that define learning effectiveness. The learner-centered approach helps to keep engagement and ensures the effectiveness of online learning.

A learner-centric approach is a modern way of upskilling. It considers the needs and preferences of every learner. Enterprise LMS allows the creation of inclusive and accessible learning courses. An advanced one will offer adapted content for every learner depending on their location and other data. You can create a single course, and a system will pick the most relevant for every learner's information.

Benefits of learner-centred approach

The Benefits Of a Learner-Centered Approach To E-Learning

Improves Participation

Teams that promote collective learning, support career progress, and help learners achieve their goals offer higher success chances. The 2022 Mind Tools Benchmarking Report found that 79% of teams that show great results also support the training and learning of their members. Through online courses and use internal data to enhance learning. And only 9% of low-performing teams follow this pattern. There is a correlation between learner-centered approaches and high-performing teams.

The learner-centric teaching caters to their basic needs, ensuring they have a personalized online learning experience. If people prefer watching videos instead of reading texts, you must add additional interactive elements.

With AcademyOcean, you can unite your learners into teams according to their preferences. Unite people who prefer learning by video in a team and offer them video materials. The other team will learn the identical material via text because they like reading.

91% of L&D teams are concerned that managers don't want to spend time learning. LinkedIn states that half of the workers need more learning time to be efficient.

It is crucial to provide the employees with time for training and ensure the accessibility of the material in a suitable form for learners. Ensure they can access all content (video, audio, text, etc.) via any device, including laptops, tablets, and even smartphones. This will guarantee accessibility. Such learner-centered courses will ensure greater engagement, and positive results will take little time to follow.

Boosts Performance At Work

Multiple strategies, analyses, studies, and cases are great learner-centered examples. Use courses filled with lots of fun to train sales teams. Interactive and valuable scenarios will help them better understand customer communication policies and apply what they learn in their work. Improving productivity at work will also increase business profits.

Develops Problem-Solving Skills

The central aspect that defines learner-centered learning is that it helps a great deal in teaching people to face problems and resolve them. Such courses contain many real-life cases, including tasks, tests, examinations, and simulations. You may also add games and lessons related to actual cases to make learners think and look for a way out. This will prepare employees to face real issues and problems and remain efficient in resolving those.

Putting learners in charge of learning

Wrapping up

Unlike content-centric or teacher-centric online learning, the learner-centered approach is more beneficial. To better understand learners' needs, don't forget about feedback and surveys. Only by listening sensitively to the needs of learners can you create a fantastic learning experience. A highly qualified, trained team will make your business successful.

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