AcademyOcean LMS for remote training
Automate training with AcademyOcean LMS and manage remote teams effectively

Remote Training Tool 2.0

With AcademyOcean, you get the best
Different training for local and remote employees
Lack of oversight and monitoring of training
Lack of motivation for employees to participate in training
Long onboarding period for new hires
Difficulties accessing information
Quick onboarding
Webinars, online meetings, training with instructors (ILT)
Platform available 24/7 from any device
Engaging, interactive courses with gamification and certificates
Quizzes, polls, progress monitoring
Unified training standards
With AcademyOcean LMS
No personal contact
Companies all over the world are going remote. Our platform helps make the process of training remote employees simpler and more efficient!

How can you use AcademyOcean LMS to train remote employees?

Set up your training platform
Prepare a training platform in minutes and adapt it to training for remote workers, from branding to custom interface text and more.
Add content
Create an online course using words, videos, audio clips, quizzes, and polls. Do it all in a matter of clicks with our built-in tools!
Invite learners
Managing remote employees' training is so easy: add learners to your portal. Group them into teams and set up automatic learning paths.
Motivate learners
Remote workers often lack motivation. Use gamification and certificates to keep them engaged.

Analyze progress
View detailed reports on learners, teams, courses, and quizzes, as well as funnels that illustrate the effectiveness of your content which is especially important for retail LMS.
Enjoy the results
See an increase in work efficiency in your remote employees.
You can be sure that AcademyOcean LMS is the best solution for remote training!

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