AcademyOcean lms for Corporate training

Expand your training internally and externally by supporting employees, customers, or partners at all stages of their relationship with your company

The Extended Enterprise LMS

With AcademyOcean, you get the best

What's it for?

Training clients increases their satisfaction and reduces support costs.

Client support and training

The more distributors learn about your products and services, the easier it will be for them to sell them.

Strengthening partnerships

Users who have learned how to use your product correctly reach success more quickly and become advocates for your company.

Increasing value for users

Extended enterprise training will improve your company's sales and profitability

Support employees, customers, and partners at all stages of their relationship with your organization.

Comprehensive training across your business

Separate portals for employees, clients, and partners

What you get with AcademyOcean

Powerful reports on all portals
Flexible management within one account
Integration with 3,000+ apps
Top AcademyOcean features for Extended Enterprise training
Unique structure
AcademyOcean lets you create an unlimited number of training portals (called academies) with their own branding, domains, interface languages, and admins.

This makes it easy to differentiate training both within your company (for employees in different branches) and outside of it (for partners, clients, etc.) And it's always easy to manage all your portals.

Organizing content
AcademyOcean's convenient, built-in tools allow you to create courses tailored to each of your target audiences.

Moreover, you can save time by copying and editing lessons and courses within several portals at once.

Multiple languages and customizable interface
Our custom interface tool lets you translate your training portals (or academies) into different languages and use text and emoji to make your interfaces distinctive.

This is especially useful for global or multilingual companies.

24/7 from any device
Our corporate learning management system is available to users at any time. The training materials you create are adaptive and look great on any device.

Single sign-on (SSO) makes accessing training even simpler and more convenient.

Branding and White Label portals
AcademyOcean has all the tools you need to give your training portal the look and feel of your company's style: colors, logo, separate domains for each portal, etc.

Our White Label feature gives you even more branding power by removing the "Powered by".

Management and monitoring
AcademyOcean has developed a useful system for access and roles that assist management.

Appoint administrators, analysts, and editors for each portal.

Your content and all of the data in your academies are protected. AcademyOcean is fully compliant with the security standards of Europe and the US.

In addition, we have a Security Center with various settings such as two-factor authentication, copy protection, and restriction by IP or domain.

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