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  |  6 min read
December 12, 2018

Customer Success Best Practices In 2023: how to plan the adaptation correctly?

Best practices in customer success from SaaStr Europa 2018 with Katherine Barrios, Emilia D’Anzica and Sue Duris. Hiring new teams, balancing the department communication and the right skill sets for CSM.

  |  11 min read
December 16, 2021

SaaS Customer Onboarding: best practices 2023

📌 Our invited experts, founders of their own SaaS companies, reveal the topic of customer onboarding...

  |  11 min read
December 28, 2021

Ideal employee onboarding process. Expert Tips

Take a look at one of the most important processes in HR through the eyes of experts. Onboarding essentials: statistics, milestones, and expert advice for 2022.

  |  6 min read
May 26, 2020

How to train Customer Success & Service teams and achieve stunning results

Why do companies need Customer Success & Customer Service teams? The importance of Customer Success & Service team training. How to build a perfect team training program?

  |  6 min read
July 24, 2023

How To Create Engaging Training Materials In 2023

In 2023, businesses and organizations are recognizing the critical importance of engaging and effective training materials to cultivate a knowledgeable and educated staff. This is especially true for franchise businesses seeking comprehensive training for franchisees. These training materials empower employees to enhance their skills, boost productivity, and contribute significantly to overall success. This article provides detailed step-by-step instructions on creating impactful training materials, making them both informative and exciting for better learning experiences and training outcomes.

  |  22 min read
October 5, 2023

20 Best Online Learning Platforms in 2023

Discover the best online learning platforms for students, professionals, and organizations. Explore diverse courses, flexible learning options, and engaging experiences to help learners thrive in the digital age. Find top-tier platforms with unique, plagiarism-free content.

  |  7 min read
January 30, 2019

Customer Onboarding: Steps, Examples, and Best Practices | AcademyOcean

Where do you start when you are building your customer onboarding process for your company? Let’s look at three stages of setting up your onboarding.

  |  7 min read
December 29, 2022

Employee Recognition In The Workplace

Employee recognition is a famous and prominent way to acknowledge workers and boost their morale and productivity. But what if it takes way more than that, and certain pitfall rocks may completely level out the positive effect of acknowledgment when not avoided? Learn more in this article.

  |  6 min read
July 5, 2023

Professional Development for Teachers: Five Benefits of Using an LMS

Discover the benefits of using a Learning Management System (LMS) for professional development. From streamlined content delivery to flexible learning opportunities, interactive and engaging learning experiences, progress tracking and assessment, and professional learning communities, an LMS offers a comprehensive solution for teachers. Explore how an LMS can enhance professional growth, improve teaching practices, and ultimately drive student outcomes. Stay ahead in the ever-changing educational landscape with the power of an LMS.

  |  5 min read
November 13, 2023

Top 5 Key Employee Performance Metrics To Track In 2023

Unlock organizational success in 2023 with our comprehensive guide on the top 5 key employee performance metrics. Explore the significance of work quantity, quality, efficiency, teamwork, and learning and development metrics, curated by seasoned Learning and Development (L&D) specialists. Discover actionable tips and insights to maximize the impact of these metrics, fostering a culture of excellence and growth. Stay ahead in the evolving workplace landscape with data-driven decision-making. Dive into our guide now and turn your organization into a thriving, adaptive powerhouse.

  |  11 min read
February 22, 2021

Interview #25 Etty Burk: "The biggest challenge that we often have is educating those that "do not get it."

Today, our guest is Etty Burk, Ph.D. Human Resources. Etty is passionate about creating inclusive values-based cultures where individuals are respected, feel safe, and understand how they make a difference.

  |  7 min read
July 17, 2023

Top 12 Best Free Screen Recording Software for Windows and Mac

Looking for the best free screen recording software for Windows and Mac? This comprehensive guide explores the top 12 options available, including popular choices like OBS Studio, ShareX, Flashback Express, Icecream Screen Recorder, QuickTime Player, and more. Discover their unique features and functionalities to find the perfect fit for your recording needs, whether you're a content creator, educator, or professional. Choose the right software to capture, edit, and effortlessly share your screen activities, unlocking endless possibilities for engaging content creation on Windows and Mac platforms.

  |  5 min read
July 10, 2019

What is an effective onboarding process for a new employee at any startup?

Divide your onboarding process into formal and informal parts.

  |  7 min read
November 30, 2022

Todd Dewett: "What got us here today isn’t good enough for tomorrow"

In this article, Dr. Todd Dewett, renowned leadership educator, author, and speaker, shares his views on what it takes to be a successful leader. He emphasizes the importance of kindness, a focus on learning, and support for positive change as key habits that leaders should prioritize.

  |  8 min read
October 7, 2021

Dave Ulrich: "Now is the time to reinvent HR..."

Read the interview with the most influential HR Leader to learn how to become more effective as an HR professional and get professional career advice from Dave Ulrich!

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