User onboarding effectiveness. How to track it and why?
Statistics and measurement

The ultimate goal for any SaaS company is to satisfy the requirements of the customer and to make the usage of your product pleasant, convenient and successful. All this way starts with a proper and perfect customer onboarding.

Onboarding sets the pace and provides product adoption. Therefore it is one of the most important keys to whether you win or lose. Lincoln Murphy once said:

"It is totally possible to plant the seeds of churn early, and that’s where an understanding of the process – and value behind – customer and user onboarding are so critical."

Right customer onboarding is not only about knowing user’s expected results, it’s also data and handy customer onboarding metrics. They should show your customers’ behaviors and interactions with your product in order for you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your onboarding strategy.

Customer Engagement 

Tracking customer engagement is essential in the onboarding process. You will be able to oversee the onboarding process, instantly react in case of occurring problems and solve them as quickly as possible. Here are the main areas which you can track: 

Login activity 

How many customers are logging in? How frequently are they logging in? Answers to these questions will help you understand what percentage of the customers are more likely to benefit from your product. Low login activity should be a signal that something is not working properly and you have to be intensive to assist customers in reaching their core goal. It will be an aid to reduce the potential for customer churn. 

Onboarding academies in AcademyOcean are structured in ways that for the first time customers enter your academy they see only attractive landing page. They can see a course preview, but they can’t open the course itself until they enter their email address. That’s when lead capture happens. Every learner must enter their email address to get into your Academy. Because of this essential step, you can track how every user interacts with your Academy content.

 Login page

Customer data

Feature usage 

What and how many features customers emphasize the most? Where they spend their time passing through your onboarding platform? High usage shows those parts of your product that are the most important and precious for your customers. These insights will help you understand what customers actually want and how you can improve your onboarding platform. 

Using academies visitors explore your content in a very clear, structured manner. Interactive elements and gamified progress help keep their focus while reading. Moreover, you are able to get detailed statistics. With every action a learner takes, you get more data about them.

Onboarding abandonment

If customers stop the onboarding process before they understand what benefits they can get from your product, there is an opportunity for you to be proactive and analyze the reasons for a breakdown. 

Using academies as your onboarding tool you can not only see the most active learners, but you can also collect full statistics about your content. This data tells you which sections are most interesting to your audience. It is represented as Learner Funnels. They show the breakdown of all the courses and lessons people go through. 

Learner Funnel

To make sure that your learners don’t just click through your onboarding you may use Quiz Feature. It is a very convenient feedback tool that will show your learners’ progress. Also, you can add a certificate that customers who successfully completed all of your lessons will receive.

Quiz results will show you who easily passed the education and who had some problems. So it will be a call for you to contact these learners and help them. 

Quiz results

Another thing in academies that you can use to track your customers’ achievements is the Scoreboard or Top Learners section. It shows you the list of the best learners, so you can congratulate them personally. 


The essential thing you should remember is that onboarding is a continuous process. If you don’t track the activity of your learners you will never know where you are succeeding or failing. To plan long-term relationships with your customers you should build a trustworthy onboarding and help your customers achieve their desired business outcomes with your product.

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