Academy-CRM Integration
Academy-CRM Integration

Over the past several years customer relationship management systems (CRM) have become one of the vital tools in almost any company, especially in client service niche. Businesses use CRM to manage and track customer, prospect information to provide better services and address client issues on a personal basis.

In recent years, however, a new trend is emerging with the rise of customer education software on the market. Customer onboarding and education solutions like AcademyOcean are being integrated into CRM to help provide better onboarding, improve product adoption, engagement, and overall customer success.

The value of customer education

A lot of marketing studies and research have been conducted to calculate the impact of customer education. In "The State of Education Services: 2017" report by Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) we can see that users who have completed some sort of product training have a 92% renewal rate, as opposed to 80% renewal rate from untrained users.

The study also shows that customers use products more after they participate in any form of product education, be it an online course or an offline class.

The State of Education Services 2017

These numbers clearly show that customer education directly impacts business success. This fact alone drives companies to integrate customer education software into their processes and CRM.

How Academy-CRM integration improves customer success?

Your customer relationship management system is tasked with driving customer relationships and storing all the relevant data about your users, partners, and even marketing data. It only makes sense to add the data from your product academy to this pool of information.

By connecting and linking this data, you can start to recognize patterns you’ve never been able to see before. For example, you can notice how many customers start and actually finish your product education. Out of those — who are using your product more. 

If you notice that some of your customers are abandoning your courses, you have all the necessary data right there in your CRM to analyze and contact them to make sure they stay loyal to your company.

Individual applications of Academy-CRM integrations are limitless, but in the end, you get a powerful tool to explore your customer engagement in details and learn more about how and why people are using your product.


If we were to underline the top expectations from integrating your customer training data into your CRM, our list would look like this:

Higher product adoption rates
Providing proper onboarding for your clients and tracking their progress helps them better understand your product and achieve their goals.

Improved customer loyalty through certification
Many companies use certificates to incentivize their user base (think Microsoft, Google, Hubspot, etc.) Ongoing education strengthens the relationship between the company and its clients.

Improved retention rates
With data from CRM and your academy, you can identify people who need the attention of your customer support team.

Personalized customer experience
The data at your disposal give you the opportunity to provide very personalized services to your customers. Instead of asking your clients “What’s wrong?”, you know exactly at which points of their customer journey they are struggling.

Reduced support costs
This is pretty obvious — educated customers do not bother your customer support with trivial matters, freeing up your resources.

Where to start?

First of all, don’t rush. You do not need a 10-week educational program to start. Build a simple academy about your product to help your new customers with onboarding. Teach them the values and features of your product and track their progress. AcademyOcean has this covered for you in the Statistics section.

AcademyOcean Statistics

Next, send this data to your CRM. You can do this by using AcademyOcean API or Zapier. You can learn more about how to do this in our API Academy. With Academy-CRM integration you will have the data and tools necessary to improve your customer relationships and provide them with the level of support they deserve.

Over to you

Thank you for taking the time to read through. Let us know in the comments if you are using CRM API integrations and how they help your business grow.

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