AcademyOcean LMS Update


Our December update directly responds to your valuable feedback! Discover personalized learner checklists for effective training, seamless custom navigation, and intuitive course statistics with enhanced filters and commands.

Elevate your training programs by effortlessly combining theory and practice, providing easy access to vital resources, and ensuring a secure learning environment.

Let's explore the key highlights together! 😉

📋 Checklists for Learners: a new gamification feature on the platform

In the learning process, it's important to understand theory and put knowledge into practice. Checklists are super helpful because they help organize tasks, making it easier to complete training. Learners can follow steps and do practical tasks while studying. These checklists work for individuals and groups.

From a psychological perspective, the benefits of a to-do list can be explained by the well-known Zeigarnik and Ovsiankina effects: completing tasks brings positive changes in people's minds, and unfinished tasks create a desire to finish them as soon as possible.

AcademyOcean LMS_Checklists for Learners

Checklists empower you to:

  • Develop customized task lists tailored to individual learners. Enhance task navigation, ensuring learners don't overlook critical milestones.
  • Seamlessly integrate theoretical understanding with practical application. Master course content while actively engaging in hands-on tasks.
  • Facilitate easy tracking of completed tasks for learners. This creates a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction, and motivation, reinforcing productive behavior.
  • Analyze checklist statistics for each learning phase. Evaluate the effectiveness of the learning journey and pinpoint areas for improvement.

🚀 Customize the Navigation of the Learning Portal

Now, you can customize navigation tabs according to your learner's needs. Administrators can add direct links to essential resources in the navigation, saving learners time searching for information.

AcademyOcean LMS_Navigation of the Learning Portal

Ways to apply:

  • Seamless navigation between different academies

Effortlessly switch between different academies, whether it's your company's knowledge hub or a specialized training portal. This streamlined approach lets employees easily move between essential courses and department-specific programs.

  • Quick access to necessary work resources

Picture an employee juggling tasks across various platforms. Custom navigation comes to the rescue by enabling admins to integrate direct links, simplifying the learning and working experience in one centralized space.

📊 New Course Statistics: Intuitive Filters and 3x Faster Downloads

We've completely redesigned the course statistics for better performance and features. Quick filters, convenient search, integration with groups and folders, and team management make progress analysis more intuitive and efficient.

AcademyOcean LMS_New Course Statistics

Key Features:

  • Improved filters with multi-selection

Filters are now more user-friendly, featuring multi-select options and a built-in search function. Generating reports is now twice as fast!

  • Efficient search

Enhanced tools for effortless sorting and data search ensure quick access to the needed information within the report.

  • Groups and folders visibility

Get an instant overview of the groups and folders associated with your courses in statistics, simplifying the analysis process.

  • Convenient team management

A practical visual widget has been introduced for overseeing and handling teams. Dive deeper into the stats to observe which teams are aligned with a course and monitor their progress seamlessly.

🔒 Security and Control: Track Learner's IP for Maximum Protection

We’ve added another layer of security with the ability to track IP addresses during learner logins. This ensures quick identification of unauthorized access and immediate measures to protect data.

AcademyOcean LMS_Security and Control

How It Works:

  • Suspicious activity? IP addresses help detect violations.
  • Swift response to suspicious logins.

These updates aim to make your learning experience even more convenient, effective, and secure! We hope these changes will turn your Academy into a powerful tool for employee learning management! 🚀
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