8 new features and 100+ improvements | AcademyOcean July 2020 Update
AcademyOcean July 2020 Update

Guys, by looking at the article title, you must have realized that we have great news for you!

Searching by Academies on the Academies page, the hidden lessons numbering in courses, lots of fixes and other cool features that we consider below – that is all about our productive July!

New features

Instructor-Led Training


Now you can organize online meetings with your learners. Sounds cool, right? It can be a one-on-one meeting or a webinar for a group of learners. This feature will help you organize a personalized learning process for your learners.

PDF presentations

PDF presentations

We have added the ability to add presentations in PDF format to the courses. Presentations will be stored securely in your Academy and only learners with access will be able to view them.

Mass action: Full Academy copy

Copy your full Academy in 2 clicks and synchronize all the changes made in "Master Academy."

Improved picture editing

We have added a feature with the help of which you can make pictures small, as well as add shadows to them. This will improve the visual appearance of your courses and make them more stylish.

Introductory Pop-up

Introductory Pop-up

We have taken another step towards dynamic content (keep an eye on our updates), but for now, you can request the learner's first name and last name when they first visit your Academy. After that, you will be able to use variables in all lessons and import statistics immediately with these parameters.

Advanced search

We have improved the performance and now it works even better. We increased its speed and changed the interface.

New publications

In July we have published a pretty useful article for HR specialists, recruiters and talent acquisition managers. We have gathered the best and the most active Facebook groups for these specialties. All the groups were divided into several categories. We highly recommend reading this article to all HR professionals and beyond.

We also have a new guest post from a YouTeam company. Guys told why today we need resources for hiring, onboarding and managing remote development teams and what 8 time-proved resources will help with these processes. Check our blog to read this article.

That’s all for July, friends! Stay tuned!

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