How to Get Ahead of Your Competitors
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When regular online marketing tools work, we tend to slide into routine refusing to reinvent the wheel. But it is self-deceiving. SaaS marketing is one of the most fast-changing spheres. And you may apply such standard actions like email marketing, blog posts, guest posting, social media marketing, cold calls, email subscriptions, guerrilla marketing, educational webinars, participation in conferences and even some marketing automation tools. But if you aim high, you have two ways: either use them better than your competitors or do something they oversee. Namely, you need to outperform.

Thomas Jefferson once said:

“If you want something you’ve never had you have to do something you’ve never done.”

Your strategies must keep up with the constantly evolving market, otherwise, you’ll lose your customer’s track and leave your market share to your competitors. To avoid this, search for new tools to apply.

Keep up with new tools

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Product Hunt

This is one of the best communities to stay updated about new tools which emerge every day. It’s a specialized community of people enthusiastic about discovering something new, comprised of innovators, entrepreneurs, start-up owners and potential investors.

Why would you need it? Because they’re a source of information about new tools which you can use, test, gather a statistics, see the results and choose those that fit your company best.

G2 Crowd

This is a good place to check out software which ranks high now as people leave their reviews and you may get some practical advice from those who have already used it.

Why would you need it? Because people describe both pros and cons so you get the most comprehensive and frank review.

Pick up a different approach

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To make your audience stick, stay on top of current trends and outpace them. Offer something unique for your audience to ensure their success.

Offer mentorship to your users

Companies that take the trouble to teach their customers to use their new product or software get the highest engagement rate. It can be done by various means but we consider bringing them to academies engaged in customer education as one of the most effective ones.

Troubleshoot their problems fast

Academy from AcademyOcean is your multi-tool which can guide your users through your product learning. The whole process is tracked and you will have statistics at hand to step in whenever your customers experience any troubles. You may do it through emails, calls or messages and ask what exactly is confusing them.

AcademyOcean – Smart Alternative to iSpring Solutions.

Award your customers

Give your users certificates for completing the courses at the academies. It will raise their self-esteem and encourage them to share their success on social media with their colleagues and friends.

To improve your interaction, even more, design a customer education strategy which would help you align your customer education with your business goals.

Design your own strategy

Be specific about your goals. You may boost your marketing by involving your customers more and designing your own customer education strategy. It will considerably raise your chances to outrun your competitors. What you have to do is:

  • define your one-two long-term goals;
  • single out your customer education goals;
  • choose your short-term business goals;
  • align your educational and business goals for achieving your major goal;
  • assess at what stage you are now and where you’d like to be;
  • create a more detailed roadmap of your journey to higher results;


The rapid growth of marketing field makes competition much harder. To stay on top you need something new which your rivals neglect or oversee. Whether it’s new tools or new approaches, choose them wisely keeping in mind what value you may bring to your customers and align it with your company’s business goals. Then you will have a strategy aimed at success. 

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