Product — AcademyOcean

AcademyOcean - the academy builder for SaaS companies

An Academy helps customers gain a deeper understanding of the benefits and features of your product

Structured lessons for your customers (aka "learners")

New level of engagement with customers, as compared to Knowledge Base and FAQ.

Unlimited number of lessons, consisting of texts, images, and/or videos

The ability to create courses and lessons on various topics and at various levels of difficulty.

Aditional motivation and gamification for learners

Progress bars, check marks, unlockable lessons, sharing to social media. Easy and engaging learning process.

Certificates for learners after completing lessons

The ability to print certificates or share them on social media.

Custom domain

Your Academy will be on your subdomain.

Mobile-friendly education

Easily customizable design to suit your company's needs.

Built-in analytics to help you better understand your customers

Learner-success data, lesson statistics, certificate statistics.

Enterprise Plan

Allows you to easily create personalized Academies for different clients or companies.

Are you ready to turn your customers into masters of your SaaS?