A new generation of Onboarding and Training with AcademyOcean

Dashboard — Keep a finger on the pulse of your Academy
Learner Statistics — Know every reader of your content
Funnels — See what interests your audience
Settings — Set up and launch your Academy in minutes
API — Import data from your Academy into your CRM
Welcome Page — Your Academy welcomes learners and invites them to take courses
Structure — Engage learners with step-by-step processes and interactive elements
Devices — Academies are mobile-friendly, so learners can read your content anywhere
Certificates — Reward learners with verified certificates of completion
Learner Statistics
Welcome PageWelcome Page

Creating courses

Creating teams

Create courses from any number of lessons, polls, and quizzes, in any order.
Create teams and assign courses to them. For example, you may want to create teams for various departments, such as marketing and sales, so you can assign them specific courses.
We have created an interface that's as intuitive as possible for learners and administrators alike, and we're proud to say that it's received a record-high rating in the industry, at 9.8/10
According to global software review service
You can then use Smart Teams to have learners automatically move to a new team when they've finished the courses in their current team. This allows you to create unique growth paths for different learners — and automate the transitions!

For learners

Assign courses to learners and build their training program in just a few clicks!
Every learner has their own profile, where you can track their learning progress, create notes, and much more.

Your security
is our priority

Basic security settings

Advanced security settings

AcademyOcean has been working with companies in Europe and the US since 2016. Our system is fully compliant with the security standards in the countries where these companies are located. We have gone one step further and created a Security Center, where you can:
Disable text copying
Grant access for specific IP addresses or domains
Enable strong passwords, which prevents your learners from creating simple passwords that are easy to guess (such as "querty" or "abc123")
These basic settings are available starting at the PRO plan.
For users with Premium plans or higher, we offer even more tools for content protection:
Two-factor authentication
Registration confirmation by email
Limits on the number of devices a learner can use
Watermarks for PDFs

Learner statistics

Thanks to comprehensive learner statistics, you can see what stage of their training each learner has reached, which learners are successfully completing quizzes, and which learners need to spend more time on their training.
How can you make your courses easier for learners to follow? Where are learners having trouble and giving up?
Funnels can help you answer these questions. They are a data visualization that show how your learners are progressing through their training.

Quiz and poll statistics

We have worked to ensure that all data on how learners are progressing through quizzes and polls is as intuitive as possible. In-depth statistics help you track the progress of each learner, overall performance for the entire test or poll, and performance for each individual question.

An Academy about Academy

All of our clients receive access to our private Academy about Academies. This is the best way for new users to learn more about how to launch their first learning portal!
Add a chat feature to your academy to respond directly to learners' questions

Integrating chats

Academy newsfeed

Keep up with new learners added, certificates awarded, and other important events in your academy — you won't want to miss anything!

Webinars and instructor-led training (ILT)

Synchronization module

With AcademyOcean, you can set up online meetings with your learners.
With this module, you can create copies of your content with synchronization across all copies.
These could be anything from one-on-one meetings to webinars for large groups of learners. This module helps you train your learners in real time, get feedback, and answer questions.
This is a unique feature that saves you time when creating new courses and when updating the information in existing courses.


AcademyOcean integrates seamlessly with your existing processes.
You can use our API to create all kinds of integrations and transfer the data you need. You can also choose from over 2,000 pre-made Zapier integrations — no coding required.
Link your HRIS and CRM system, set up notifications in messengers, and more.

Unlimited cloud portals

Create an unlimited number of educational environments (or portals). They can be invite-only or public, depending on your audience
Make part of your course available for users before they sign up. Use this feature to attract potential clients and increase your signup conversion rate

Teaser lessons

Course groups and folders

Group courses in your academy to organize them logically according to your needs. You may wish to create folders for each specific topic in your Academy, or try grouping courses by difficulty level

Multiple languages and customizable interface

AcademyOcean has developed a unique tool that lets you translate your academy into different languages and use text and emoji to make your interface distinctive.
This helps convey your brand's tone
and communication style.

Content personalization

With AcademyOcean, the possibilities for personalization are endless!
Use variables such as name, city, and company, or create your own.
Our unique Adaptive Content feature could radically change your approach to training. It allows you to adapt the content of a lesson for each student.

Why AcademyOcean?

"I wanted a simple LMS system, that was easy to customise and maintain from and admin side and intuitive from a user side. I found just that in AcademyOcean!"
"What I like most is the elaborate UI/UX and ease of use for both admin and learner. It takes literally 10 minutes to create and launch a new educational course."
Olivia, CMO

Image hotspots

Place hotspots on your images that learners can click to show additional information. By adding these tips to your images, you help your learners master course information more quickly and easily.


Certificates are a great way to provide formal confirmation that a learner has successfully completed their training.
These certificates can't be counterfeited — each certificate links to a page that verifies the learner's name and the course they completed.

Visual settings

Personalize your academy extensively to match your company's style.
This functionality is designed with the user in mind, so you won't need to involve developers or designers.
It's easy to customize the appearance of your courses and certificates, change the text of the learner interface, and translate it into any language.
All of these settings will make your academy unique and distinctive!

With AcademyOcean,
you get the best

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