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A new generation of Onboarding and Training with AcademyOcean

Dashboard — Keep a finger on the pulse of your Academy
Learner Statistics — Know every reader of your content
Funnels — See what interests your audience
Settings — Set up and launch your Academy in minutes
API — Import data from your Academy into your CRM
Welcome Page — Your Academy welcomes learners and invites them to take courses
Structure — Engage learners with step-by-step processes and interactive elements
Devices — Academies are mobile-friendly, so learners can read your content anywhere
Certificates — Reward learners with verified certificates of completion
Learner StatisticsLearner Statistics
Welcome PageWelcome Page
Up to 1,000 Learners
The Standard and PRO pricing plans give you the ability to educate up to 1,000 Active Learners each month
Academy Feed
Stay informed about your Academy's key events! This could include new learners added, user certification, or any other important event in your Academy.
AcademyOcean is aware of the GDPR requirements and restrictions and is fully compliant with its regulations.
Embed Сontent
You can embed external content in your lessons to make them even more fascinating and interactive
Our authoring tool is What You See Is What You Get. There's no difference between what you see when entering content and what your learners see in the final version.
Teaser lessons
Make part of your course available without user login. Use this feature for lead capture or increasing conversion rates.
Learner Profile
Your learners can stay up-to-date on their progress in your Academy using their automatically created profile.
They can utilize it to view all their personal achievements, including completed courses, certificates, and bookmarks!
Certificate Verification Page
Every time your Learner gets a new certificate, a verification page is created automatically to confirm the legitimacy of the certificate.
Public Academies
Create publicly-available Academies that can be shared with anyone who might be interested.
Private Academies
Use private Academies where access is limited to a certain list of learners.
Night Mode
When the night comes...Your learners can enable night mode to avoid eye strain when using your Academy in the dark.
Hotspots are used to highlight parts of your images and screenshots. Enrich images with descriptions.
Course folders and group
Structure your Aacademy's courses in a way that is logical and well-organized according to your needs.
Unlimited Admins
Invite your team members to your Academy and create something incredible together!
Unique visuals of both your content and your learners' success.
Admin user interface for
managing API keys
Create and manage API keys. Check out the full description of our API to learn more about its technical capabilities.
Academy about Academies
All AcademyOcean clients get access to a special Academy about Academies, which is the best way to get to know more about the launch of your first Academy.
Chat Integration
Add your preferred chat system, in case you need to personally communicate with your learners.
Facebook Pixel
Add a Facebook pixel to your public Academy.
Google Analytics
See the full potential of statistics by adding Google Analytics to your Academy.
Google Tag Manager
Add GTM to your Academy so you can deploy and edit the tags of other applications.
Learning portalLearning portalLearning portal
Learner Statistics
Quiz Statistics
 Certificate Certificate Certificate Certificate
Welcome page
Welcome page
Welcome page
Welcome page
Welcome page
Mobile Version
Multiple content types
Build your courses using text, images, screenshots, videos, audio clips, presentations, or any other file format you need.
Content Bridge system
Choose a Master lesson or quiz and create unlimited Replicas of it. Whenever you edit a Master, all of its Replicas will be synchronized automatically.
Our API makes it easy to extend AcademyOcean's potential for a powerful and customized experience.
White-label Academies
Brand your Academies however you want — use your own branding, or maybe use your clients.
Academy Feed
Stay informed about your Academy's key events! This could include new learners added, user certification, or any other important event in your Academy.
Personalize your content using pre-defined variables (name, country, company) and custom variables to create a unique experience for Academy users.
Learner Teams
Group your learners into teams and provide group-level access to courses.
Custom solutions for Enterprises
Possibilities unlimited. We provide unique and custom solutions for your legendary Academy.
Learning portal
Pre-designed portal themes that meet your needs
Full statistics
Get insightful data on learner activity and progress
Advanced Quizzes
The feature makes it easy to create quizzes that help check in on your learners’ progress
Use built-in templates or create your own
Welcome page
Craft a unique first impression for visitors
Mobile version
Your Academy is accessible from any device
Powerful modules
Manage, integrate, automate, and personalize your Academy

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