AO Update February 2022

Greetings, our dear customers!

We are proud to be a Ukrainian company!

We would like to remind you that all the important AcademyOcean infrastructure is located on servers in the USA and Europe, and our support team is ready to help at any time. Therefore, there will be no interruption of work.

We have received a very essential message from the Ukrainian government—to sustain the Ukrainian economy and keep providing citizens with salaries, all Ukrainian businesses should work harder than before.

This is a huge support for the Ukrainian economy and ordinary Ukrainians. And we are ready to do our duty with all our might!

In this update, we want to deliver three main messages:
1. We believe in our country and our victory!
2. AcademyOcean team continues to work, develop the product, and stay in touch with our customers!
3. You can support us and Ukraine!  Find out more
AcademyOcean stand with Ukraine

In February, we launched a lot of useful updates 👇

Custom Quiz points

AcademyOcean_ Custom Quiz points

What is it for?

Firstly, it allows you to apply a variety of testing and assessment approaches to both simple and more complex subjects.

Secondly, you will see an up-to-date picture of learners' progress, as each learner will receive a grade that is as relevant to their knowledge as possible.

How does it work? 

Now you can assign a grade not just for the entire quiz, but for a specific question.

In addition, you will be able to edit the number of points per question when you manually check the test:

AcademyOcean_ Custom Quiz points

This will help to better assess learners' detailed answers to written questions.

The test checker can give any grade, from 1 to the maximum grade which has been set in the test settings. For example, the maximum mark for a question is 10, but a learner answering below average would receive a 3.

New Welcome Pop-up

Get the data you need about your learners as soon as they enter your academy!

This allows you to  personalize your content to help pupils better digest the information.

AcademyOcean_ Welcome Pop-up

The new settings allow you to:

  • Change/add fields with information to be filled in by the learner (field formats available: text, number, a selection from a list)
  • Assign a variable to each field (to customize dynamic content)
  • Customize the visual design of the form (color, background, welcome message text).

You can use the data collected through the welcome form to customize dynamic content, as well as transfer it to your CRM system.

Enable access to the academy by country

Manage access to your academy!

AcademyOcean_ Access to the academy by country

You can now either  restrict or grant access to the academy for certain countries.

There are 2 options for customization:

  • Blacklist. You can select a list of countries from which the academy will NOT be accessible.
  • Whitelist. You can select a list of countries from which the academy will be available for learners.

You can enable this feature in the security section.

New dynamic block design

We have added several features to make your dynamic content experience even more convenient.

AcademyOcean_ New dynamic block design

Now, there are arrows next to each block of dynamic content. You can use them to move this particular block below or above the lesson, or to swap places.

We have also added a button to the dynamic content block which, when clicked, adds an empty paragraph.

Anchor links within lessons

We've added the possibility for the admin to get a link to a block/paragraph in a lesson.  Now you can easily copy the link not only to the lesson but also to a specific paragraph in it!

AcademyOcean_ Anchor links within lessons

This allows you to refer to a particular part of your lesson in other lessons, quizzes and any messages for the learners, emphasizing the information they need.

For example, you will be able to draw the learner's attention to an important definition or show them where new information has been added.

Best of all, it's all done in a single click.

We are already working on new updates and will release them soon…

Take care of yourself!

AcademyOcean team 💛💙

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