🎅TOP 10 of 2020 — AcademyOcean Update
AcademyOcean 2020 Update


Vladimir Polo
Vladimir Polo, CEO and founder of AcademyOcean

During the whole year, our marketing team wrote and sent you our monthly updates. And finally, I’m happy to take a bird-eye-view on the main updates that led AcademyOcean to x3 growth in 2020

I'm glad to show you TOP10 new features that were developed by our team in 2020.

Product Features

1. Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content

This is a completely new and unique feature. It fundamentally changes the approach to learning. 

Using dynamic content allows you to personalize any content for a specific learner. 

This means that different learners will see courses differently, depending on their characteristics (status, needs, level, position and other parameters/variables you have configured).

2. ILT & Webinars


With the help of this feature, you can organize online meetings with your learners. Sounds cool, right? It can be a one-on-one meeting or a webinar for a group of learners. This feature will help you organize a personalized learning process for your learners.

3. Smart teams

Smart teams

The Smart Teams workflow lets you automatically enroll learners into other Teams. With the help of this feature, you will be able to build a unique way of your learners' growth for years to come, fully automatically, without your participation!

4. Advanced quiz statistics

Quiz statistics

You can see all the necessary information about quizzes both for all learners and for each individual one at the same time as clearly as possible and with a friendly interface.

5. New Roles

New roles

We have added 3 new roles to Academies: Analyst, Manager and Learner-Admin. Assigning roles will help Academy owners to more clearly assign responsibilities and access to the right part of the Academy to a specific role.

You can invite Analysts to your Academies to analyze statistics on learners, quizzes, different funnels. The Manager is a learner who can study Academy materials, but also view the learners’ statistics section. The Learner-Admin, publishing a new course, will be able to go through the full learner path: pass the course, quiz and get a certificate. In addition, he has advanced features of admin. 

6. Learner profile

Learner profile

We have updated the learner profile. It has become more attractive and enjoyable in tracking the progress of learning. The learner can highlight started, completed and not completed courses. He also sees the number of certificates received and the overall Academy progress. From this page, he can go to any course available to him and also leave feedback about the Academy.

7. Master / Replica content

This feature is our unique technology. You are able to multiply your content with just two clicks. Create smart copies of lessons that are always in sync with the original.


This feature is something new and it greatly facilitates the use of the academy.

8. Security


Use the Security Settings Center to protect your content and your Academy.

Basic security settings include: protecting text from copying and restricting access by domain and IP address.

Advanced security settings include: restricting access by country, two-factor authentication, limiting the number of devices, and email confirmation when registering.

9. PDF presentations + Watermarks for PDFs (*available for Premium plan users)

We have added the ability to add presentations in PDF format to the courses. Presentations will be stored securely in your Academy and only learners with access will be able to view them.

Moreover, the premium plan users now have the ability to add watermarks to all PDF files regardless of the use – to be downloaded by the learner or to be previewed in the lesson.

Watermaks for PDFs

10. “Academy about Academy” Upgrade

Academy about Academies

We ourselves use our platform for customer onboarding. This is a great interactive way to learn how to take your first steps with AcademyOcean.

Due to the fact that we have a lot of new features, we have completely updated “Academy about Academy” in order to make it as relevant as possible and to help unleash the full potential of our service from the very first day.

For 2021 we are preparing lots of amazing features, but more about that later, follow our updates.

HR wisdom

We have started a very important project for us. We are looking for experienced HR professionals from all over the world and ask them to share their experience, tips and tricks.

Here are the top 3 HR interviews:

Rebecca Anderson: "HR is the very heart ❤️ of any organization." Read the interview with Rebecca to the end to find out how is Oprah Winfrey and HR related and how Rebecca almost became a hostage of ghosts 👻

Nilima Gandhi: "I did my bachelor’s in Chemistry and soon realized that my passion doesn't lie with chemicals." An HR professional with 10 years of corporate and academic experience in the gamut of HR functions was supposed to become a chemist, but she chose a completely different path. Read the article to find out how it all happened.

Yamilet Lucia Popp: "HR profession dominated by women because women are the perfect human service bee..." Her passion: Coaching and Consulting for sustainable Change. Read this interview to find out why the HR profession is dominated by women and why she doesn’t believe in experts.

❗️By the way, if you want to become a part of our project and are ready to share your knowledge in the HR-sphere (in the format of an interview or webinar), write our editor at natalie@academyocean.co.

These are the most important updates at AcademyOcean in 2020.

Request a personal demo to learn more about LMS 2.0.

Wish you all the best in 2021 🎄

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AcademyOcean September 2020 update

Guys, we are glad to welcome you to our monthly update! This update is not quite ordinary, it is just a sensation. We added and updated so much in September that we are still in shock 😅Let’s not drag this out, let’s get started!

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