Launched our Crew Dragon | AO May 2020 update
AcademyOcean May 2020 Update

Like for Elon Musk, May was one of the most productive months for us and our product. Literally, we launched our own Crew Dragon this month. 

We have added a lot of improvements and developed several awesome features. Without a long introduction, we would like to tell you what has changed at AcademyOcean in May.

🚀 Let’s go!

New features

Custom interface texts

Custom interface texts

What's your corporate tone of voice?

Is it funny or serious, formal or casual - no matter which! We added 90 new interface phrases that you can change as you wish - translate into other languages, use any phrases, or add emoji. Sounds cool, right?

Quiz Import V2.0

Quiz questions import

We have added such improvements to the existing quiz import feature:

  • Account Content Structure
  • Quiz Tags
  • Quick assignment and editing quiz tags
  • Search by folders, courses, quiz, tags

This feature allows you to create a new quiz from the existing quizzes in a few clicks.

We also added the ability to make a more detailed description for quiz and questions in the quiz. You can make lists, paragraphs, and numbered lists.

Invite learners with email notification

Due to our customers' requests, we have added email notification to learners' invites.

We also improved the page of invites and teams. Now there is a special search for learners and invites, pagination.

Insert video by link

Now you have the opportunity to insert a video using any direct link you want. You may store your video on your server, google drive, or any other place - just copy and insert your video instantly.

New Home Page

AcademyOcean home page

We changed our landing page and made it more understandable, showing more interesting cases and adding new features that our product gives.

Something useful to read

Don’t forget to visit our blog and read new articles. We paid particular attention to the training of teams from different departments. You will find out what are the major mistakes in choosing training for the sales department and how can eLearning help you solve problems related to sales team training.

We also studied Customer Success & Service teams' training, why do your company need such training and how to build the perfect one.

That’s all for May. It was a challenging but extremely intensive and exciting month. We are ready to develop more and more new cool things. Stay tuned and we will continue to surprise you with new changes in our product!

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