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Today the world is changing at an enormous speed, and employees need more than just technical expertise to succeed. Indeed, hard skills such as coding, accounting, or engineering are essential, as the team won't have workplace success without them. Yet, many other skills also affect work and productivity. Team communication is vital for achieving success through a comfortable working environment. This situation takes the need for soft skill development techniques to another level. Soft skills development training allows people to acquire these critical interpersonal skills necessary for fostering a productive working environment.

What Are Soft Skills Training?

Developing non-technical talents is called soft skills training, and it includes multiple times of skills and capabilities. It often becomes a vital part of online employee training. Workshops, seminars, coaching, and webinars are all examples of this type of training. The main idea of which is to assist people in growing their careers and businesses by developing necessary skills.

Such skills may not directly affect the pace or tempo of work, don't allow the implementation of new technologies in the workplace, or make any rapid improvements. Yet, the main idea of these is to facilitate managers and workers to create a pleasant and productive working atmosphere. In turn, it significantly contributes to comfort and creativity.

soft skills development training

Types Of Soft Skills That Will Improve Productivity In The Workplace

Many talents can indirectly boost productivity in the workplace. For example, not everyone clearly knows what is considered a soft skill. So, before discussing how to teach soft skills to employees, let's first cover the most important ones.

Communication skills

Oral and written communication abilities allow for productive expression at work. The list of essential skills includes transparency, self-assurance and self-esteem, the ability to listen, communication skills, posture, written communication skills, supportive feedback, and friendliness.

A win-win scenario will result from your staff' improved ability to interact with clients and inside the team. This helps to be more productive and persuasive during communications while creating a friendly atmosphere.


This major skill requires multiple sub-skills, as every case is unique: Non-linear and systematic thinking, proactivity, determination, perception, reasoning, Mediation, inventiveness, and evaluation. After mastering it, your staff members will be able to handle unexpected obstacles and boost their initiatives and objectives efficiently. Additionally, they'll be able to find, use, and develop alternative solutions for problems.


The ability to lead others while achieving the company's objectives and mission is a soft talent. Mastering this skill requires compassion, unselfishness, flexibility, adaptability, humbleness, intercultural skills, sincerity, confidence, and kindness. By improving their leadership skills, staff members will more efficiently assign tasks, provide and receive constructive criticism, take responsibility, and inspire other team members to reach objectives and KPIs.


Employees that have good teamwork abilities can function successfully in a group environment. To benefit from it, one needs to have the following skills: be able to provide assistance, support, management, delegation, attentive listening, creative collaboration, negotiation, and deal-making.

Teamwork encourages positive workplace interactions and gives coworkers the tools they need to cooperate more successfully and achieve your company's objectives.

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Critical thinking

This is the capacity to evaluate data dispassionately, consider other viewpoints, and exclude for making rational decisions. It requires many different skills, including analytical and critical thinking, idea generation, rational and innovative thinking, the ability to conduct a dialogue, cooperation, observation, and the ability to implement new materials, ideas, and achievements in practice.

Critical thinking encourages your team to think outside the box. Also, it allows them to assess the advantages and disadvantages of many choices and come to well-informed conclusions by applying these abilities. This dramatically increases the likelihood that they will provide the required outcomes for your company.

Time management

The ability to manage time effectively, arrange it as needed, and distribute it fairly across various tasks. The list of subs skills required to master includes task management, categorizing, ambition, energy, forethought, evaluation, determination, decision-making, concentration, the ability to entrust others with assignments, mindfulness, adapting, and systematizing.

By practicing better time management, your personnel may work more productively toward their objectives. In the end, this approach boosts efficiency and increases output.

How To Prepare Soft Skills Classes For Employees?

Although mastering them is relatively easy and simple, teaching them can still be complicated. It is a long process that requires multiple aspects and can only be done after long preparations. Things get even more complex if you work with an international team and the majority of your team member work online. In this case, a Learning Management System (LMS) can be the best option for conducting such training. However, despite all the benefits of an LMS, you may still need help planning and developing a learning program. So, the next part of the article offers a comprehensive guide on how to train soft skills.

how to train soft skills

Soft Skills Training Guide

Developing soft skills training modules is not easy, but it is a must. Prior to taking any steps, consider the following aspects to build a genuinely engaging and efficient training program. This is the universal pattern suitable for every field of human activity. However, it may vary in detail depending on your company's industry. 

1. Identify the need

Before googling soft skills training examples, establish what skills your workers need to develop. Arrange several surveys, interviews, and performance evaluations. Thus, you will have the necessary data to find the skill gaps.

2. Pick the training format

Learning soft skills takes a lot of work. Platforms offer multiple training formats available for skills training, including workshops, seminars, tutoring, and training to make it easier. Modern mobile training software gives you even more options. Choose the format that tailors to the needs of your team, learning styles, and your company's budget.

3. Work on training materials

After picking the training format, switch to planning soft skills training topics. Ensure that any training you deliver to the team is engaging and interesting. For this purpose, you must update them every 2–3 months. Also, using real-life examples to help employees apply the skills makes learning very efficient.

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4. Develop a schedule

Every type of training should be continual. Schedule frequent training sessions to help your staff retain the skills they acquire and provide them with more possibilities for growth and learning.

5. Evaluate the result

Pay special attention to post-training evaluation. It will help you see how beneficial it has been. It is also essential to make the required changes to your program. You can find out what should be changed exactly by analyzing feedback. This helps to discover areas that can be improved. Based on AcademyOcean, such changes can be real game changers boosting the quality of training. 

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