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  |  6 min read
April 18, 2019

10 Strategies and Techniques to Improve Product Adoption | AcademyOcean

Some effective cases that will help you deeply understand the customer engagement process

  |  8 min read
January 12, 2022

Natalie Tollefson: "With the right technology solution, your company can create a sense of belonging for employees from Day 1"

📌 Read the interview with Natalie Tollefson to learn how journey mapping, "5 why's", and other techniques can help build the perfect onboarding experience for your employees.

  |  4 min read
November 21, 2018

How To Make Your Boss Agree To New Tools

Convincing your superiors to buy a new tool for marketing or customer success can prove to be a challenge. Here is how to raise your chances of actually getting the green light.

  |  6 min read
November 25, 2022

What Is Multimodal Learning Theory & How to create It

Developing learning programs and taking them to another level boosting upskilling rates, and shortening onboarding time can be done much easier if you know what Multimodal Learning Theory is and how to benefit from it.

  |  9 min read
November 25, 2022

Charles Jennings: "L&D teams need to stop being «Order Takers»"

Find out how training and L&D professionals need to extend their solutions into the workplace with Charles Jennings

  |  10 min read
June 18, 2023

What is User-Generated Content (UGC) and How Does it Function in Corporate E-Learning

This article explores the significance and benefits of User-Generated Content (UGC) in corporate e-learning. It delves into the definition and understanding of UGC, highlighting its various forms and how users contribute to content creation. The article emphasizes the importance of incorporating UGC in corporate e-learning, providing insights on creating a UGC-friendly environment and showcasing platforms and tools that facilitate UGC. It addresses challenges related to quality control and resistance to UGC adoption, offering strategies to address these issues. The article also delves into measuring the impact of UGC, discussing evaluation metrics and the continuous improvement process. It concludes by emphasizing the role of UGC in fostering collaboration, engagement, and knowledge sharing among employees, ultimately driving organizational growth and cultivating a culture of lifelong learning.

  |  11 min read
November 19, 2021

The Top Innovative Employee Training Ideas for 2022

Find out how HR experts from different industries see the future in learning technologies. Discover learning trends to develop the best strategies for your organization!

  |  6 min read
August 2, 2018

Your best investment as SaaS

We explain SaaS companies that the best investment they can make is SaaS

  |  7 min read
November 8, 2022

What Is Social Learning? Purposes And Specifications

Social learning and the study of human behaviors are pretty complex. Yet, it doesn’t mean one can’t understand and benefit from using the obtained knowledge. Learn about social learning, its pros and cons, and ways to use it in business.

  |  6 min read
October 19, 2018

How to Measure the Effectiveness of Customer Education

Calculate your customer education's efficiency

  |  6 min read
March 29, 2023

Various Creative Training Activities For Employees

Learn how to make employee training more engaging and effective with fun and interactive activities. Traditional training methods like lessons and presentations can be dry and unengaging, reducing retention and participation. Incorporating fun staff training ideas like icebreakers, role-playing, and gamification can create a positive environment that encourages people to participate, build community, and promote teamwork. Discover specific examples of these techniques and how they can help employees develop essential skills and improve their performance.

  |  7 min read
February 14, 2023

Top 10 Benefits of LMS for Information Technology & Software Companies

This article highlights the advantages and benefits of using a learning management system (LMS) for IT and software organizations. Gives an insight on what features and of LMS can be particularly useful for It companies.

  |  14 min read
March 14, 2022

Enabling a Culture of Feedback

Why feedback is important in HR. And how best to create and maintain a culture of feedback. Let's take a look at HR experts' opinion.

  |  9 min read
September 27, 2022

How To Make The Learning Process More Efficient With Gamification Of E-learning?

Uncovering details of gamification in e-learning, highlighting the benefits your company and employees can get from implementing these elements in learning and training.

  |  8 min read
October 6, 2022

Best Learning Methodologies For Adults

Adult involvement in learning can be the key to personal and company success. So, we cover the best learning methodologies for adults, as understanding the adult learner the crucial for educational institutions and small and large-scale business entities.

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