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  |  6 min read
October 31, 2023

What Is Cloud Based LMS? - Tips from AcademyOcan

Unlock the potential of Cloud-Based Learning Management Systems (LMS) and discover the key differences between on-premise and cloud LMS. Explore the numerous advantages of cloud-based LMS, from cost-efficiency and scalability to enhanced security and accessibility. Find out why making the switch to a cloud-based LMS can transform your organization's training and development efforts. Elevate your workforce with streamlined training and a focus on core activities, and drive organizational success in today's rapidly evolving world.

  |  8 min read
April 29, 2020

Choosing the Right Corporate LMS: A Guide by AcademyOcean - For Marketing

Choose the right LMS for your business, create a great educational process and achieve your goals!

  |  5 min read
April 1, 2024

Online Learning Management System For Restaurants - Benefits , Features And Best Practices

Discover the benefits of using a restaurant LMS, including increased motivation, productivity, flexibility, cost savings, and comprehensive data analytics. Explore essential features like customization, mobile accessibility, gamified learning, and assessment tools.

  |  13 min read
May 14, 2024

What Is An LMS?

Learn what an LMS (Learning Management System) is, its key features, benefits, and how it streamlines online training for businesses, educational institutions, and organizations. Discover different types of LMS platforms, their functionalities like course creation, user management, progress tracking, certification, and reporting. Understand the process of setting up an LMS like AcademyOcean for efficient knowledge delivery and evaluation."CopyRe

  |  5 min read
February 24, 2023

Maximize Business Productivity with Employee Attendance Sheets and Learning Management Systems (LMS)

The problems with employee attendance have been a cornerstone for every industry. As a result, the US Department of Labor (DOL) predicted in 2017 that approximately 3% of workers missed every day. It is a big issue for the majority of businesses. Employee attendance sheets and LMS are great tools to maximize any business' potential, and this article covers the same benefits one can get from them.

  |  8 min read
August 30, 2021

How SEO tools use academies to generate leads and onboard customers. Google, Moz and Semrush case studies

What is the Academy? Advantages of the Academy for SEO Tools [Examples of Real Companies]

  |  9 min read
January 26, 2021

Interview #22 Valeriia Volkova: "We need to be fast in recruiting, open in employer branding and open-minded during interviews to win the "war.""

Read the interview with Valeriia Volkova to find out who drives the world now and what war are we still in.

  |  9 min read
November 24, 2020

Interview #15 Mitali Ghosh: "I was very curious to learn about the human dynamics of business and felt sure that I could make a difference there."

Read the interview with Mitali to the end to find out how to make new hires focus on their Day 1 in a new company and who is this secret buddy that every newcomer needs.

  |  6 min read
February 5, 2024

What Is Microlearning? Benefits, Best Practices And Examples - AcademyOcean For Marketing

A guide to microlearning - its definition, benefits like faster delivery, cost savings, flexibility, engagement and personalization. Also covers best practices and examples of microlearning formats.

  |  7 min read
July 17, 2023

Top 12 Best Free Screen Recording Software for Windows and Mac -Tips from AcademyOcan

Looking for the best free screen recording software for Windows and Mac? This comprehensive guide explores the top 12 options available, including popular choices like OBS Studio, ShareX, Flashback Express, Icecream Screen Recorder, QuickTime Player, and more. Discover their unique features and functionalities to find the perfect fit for your recording needs, whether you're a content creator, educator, or professional. Choose the right software to capture, edit, and effortlessly share your screen activities, unlocking endless possibilities for engaging content creation on Windows and Mac platforms.

  |  6 min read
March 25, 2024

Top 6 Benefits of LMS for Retail Industry

Top 6 benefits of using LMS for retail training: reduce turnover, deliver high-quality customer service, enable mobile learning, offer cost-effective solutions, ensure compliance, and provide consistent training across stores

  |  6 min read
May 8, 2018

Academy vs E-Book and Whitepaper

Comparing Academies to e-books and whitepapers. Why Academies are a more convenient way to bring your customers onboard

  |  8 min read
February 14, 2023

Top 10 Benefits of LMS for Information Technology & Software Companies

This article highlights the advantages and benefits of using a learning management system (LMS) for IT and software organizations. Gives an insight on what features and of LMS can be particularly useful for It companies.

  |  10 min read
July 29, 2020

8 time-proved resources for hiring, onboarding, and managing remote development teams

Why do we need resources for hiring, onboarding, and managing remote development teams? All the answers and examples you will find in this article!

  |  8 min read
July 18, 2022

Stella Lee: “L&D`s should always begin with the end in mind” - Interviews

📌 Read the new interview to find out what is data literacy and what are the ways to adopt and personalized learning!

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