Why does your company need technical skills training? How to build the perfect one?
technical skills training

Usually, people think that technical skills are something very complicated. For example, it can be algorithms for solving various problems, software or programming. However, technical skills are not always associated with the IT industry. The skills are very different depending on the industry in which you work.

Technical skills. What are these?

Technical skills are the experience and expertise required to perform specific digital or physical tasks. In whatever industry you work, certain technical skills are required to perform various types of tasks.

For example, people who work in Customer Service & Customer Success teams should be experienced in platforms used for the management customers. They should have extensive knowledge of using different kinds of software.

Technical skills are vital for business growth and professional development of employees.

Why are technical skills so crucial for your business?

We live in an age of high technology, which entered into mass consumption by the forces of entrepreneurs of the past, who often themselves had nothing at hand similar to the assortment of tools and software of a modern office worker. It would be ridiculous to assume that today's business can exist in isolation from gadgets with a million applications and the Internet with countless services. For an entrepreneur, to give up all digital advantages now means to "lose" in the first minute.

According to the Work Institute 2019 Retention Report, more and more people each year leave companies that don't perform career development opportunities to their employees. 22 out of 100 employees are leaving their jobs and the top reason is a lack of opportunity to develop skills.