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  |  3 min read
November 13, 2023

Unlocking Learning Potential🚀 | AcademyOcean October 2023 - Product Update

We invite you to explore the new features and learn from real-world experiences 🤩

  |  3 min read
July 7, 2023

👀 💥 Revolutionize Learning: Let the AI do its magic | AcademyOcean Update June 2023

Unveil two game-changing additions to AcademyOcean LMS. Unlock your creativity, save valuable time, and deliver exceptional learning experiences.

  |  7 min read
June 26, 2023

Top 5 Technology Trends that Will Change Education in 2024 - Startup Life

Discover the top five technology trends revolutionizing education in 2023. From Artificial Intelligence (AI) and personalized learning experiences to Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) for immersive learning, blockchain for secure credentials, and gamification for engagement, explore how these trends are reshaping the future of education. Embrace the potential benefits and opportunities for students and educators as technology transforms the learning experience.

  |  4 min read
November 18, 2022

🤗 A lot does not mean difficult! | AcademyOcean October 2022 Update

Easily manage multiple academies and tons of learning content with AcademyOcean

  |  12 min read
December 16, 2021

SaaS Customer Onboarding: best practices 2023

📌 Our invited experts, founders of their own SaaS companies, reveal the topic of customer onboarding...

  |  5 min read
November 22, 2019

The best HR conferences to attend in 2020

Look at the list of top HR conference 2020 and choose the one you will definitely attend.

  |  8 min read
July 14, 2023

From Concerns to Curiosity: Surging Interest in AI Solutions Despite Regulation

From Concerns to Curiosity: Surging Interest in AI Solutions Despite Regulation. Explore the remarkable impact of New York City's cutting-edge AI regulation and the staggering surge in AI courses. Discover how the popularity of AI courses transformed across states, with New York experiencing a jump from 7% to 17%, while AI detectors decreased from 93% to 83%. California saw AI courses climb from 8% to 14%, and Texas witnessed a surge from 7% to 16%. Washington's interest soared from 9% to 24% in AI courses. Uncover the unwavering enthusiasm for AI education and the recognition of the distinct realms of education and regulation in the AI domain.

  |  3 min read
November 18, 2021

Embed AcademyOcean into your apps📲 AcademyOcean October Update

Learning Portal as part of your application 🔥 and new opportunities for student feedback. Read more in the October update!

  |  6 min read
August 20, 2019

Top 3 HR trends to look out for in 2024 - For Employee Onboarding

HR trends that will change your business for the better.

  |  3 min read
November 2, 2018

October'18 Update

AcademyOcean updates for October 2018: Course Folders feature, conferences and useful content.

  |  6 min read
April 3, 2018

Our History Before The Blog

Hello and welcome to the new AcademyOcean blog! A year has passed since AcademyOcean first release. We celebrated on 24 March 2018 and then we thought: “It...

  |  23 min read
October 5, 2023

20 Best Online Learning Platforms in 2023

Discover the best online learning platforms for students, professionals, and organizations. Explore diverse courses, flexible learning options, and engaging experiences to help learners thrive in the digital age. Find top-tier platforms with unique, plagiarism-free content.

  |  3 min read
May 19, 2023

🛡️✨ Safe and usable experience for all users | AcademyOcean LMS Update, April 2023

Updates, crafted to elevate your learning experience and streamline platform administration 🚀

  |  3 min read
November 6, 2020

Get delighted 😍 with the new learner profile | AcademyOcean October 2020 update

New beautiful learner profile, an extra layer of security for learner accounts, new publications on the blog and lots of other awesome updates.

  |  8 min read
August 11, 2023

10 Best Online Training Software & Tools In 2023

Discover the top 10 online training software and tools in 2023, perfect for businesses and educators. Compare key features and pricing of AcademyOcean LMS, Docebo, 360learning, and more. Find the best software for training manuals, online training courses, and training modules. Make informed decisions for hassle-free online training.

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