AcademyOcean August 2018 Update

Kids are going to schools, summer is behind us, but new features from AcademyOcean are still coming and here is our recent monthly update for August.

But first, we would like to share our CEO's Medium post about his attendee experience at SaaStr Europa — a European branch of SaaStr Annual. SaaStr is the world’s largest community of SaaS executives, founders, and entrepreneurs.

The conference was great with lots of new acquaintances. He even had time to take some pictures. Here is one with Aaron Ross, the author of “Predictable Revenue”.

Aaron Ross

AcademyOcean Quiz Update

We know that our users want more graphic elements in their quizzes so we added this feature to AcademyOcean.

AcademyOcean Quiz

Now your quizzes can be more comprehensive. Ask a question with an attached visual element or even have images as answer options. Better quizzes — better learning.

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Oh, and by the way, we share our team and startup life pictures in our Twitter and Facebook.

AcademyOcean Life
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