Facebook groups for HR

Today, the Internet is full of useful information for specialists from different fields and for HR including. Sometimes, it can be challenging to filter the information you need and find valuable facts or advice on a specific topic in a few minutes.


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Facebook groups provide an excellent opportunity for various professionals, including human resources influencers, to find exactly what they need in a few minutes. They also allow group members to share their experiences, different findings, cases, products, and tools and discuss all kinds of topics without going into personal chats.

Our team, having examined almost all Facebook human resources groups, selected the most popular and active ones for you. We have divided the groups into several categories so that you can easily find the one you are interested in.

So, let’s start! 

HR Groups

The biggest HR groups

HR Professionals

Members: 82 600+

Description: This group is for sharing useful content for HR professionals and job-seekers to find a good position. Every day in this group, different problems faced by HR managers and recruiters are discussed. Many group members share their experience in using various tools and tell about the latest news in the HR world.

Why should you join this group? It is one of the biggest groups for HR specialists. Membership consists of a mix of recruiters, industry influencers, and professionals.

Human Resource Management

Members: 24 500+

Description: This group aims to become a club for all managers, HR professionals, HR students and for the people interested in HR and management.

Why should you join this group? Human Resource Management group gives an easy interface to network with HR friends. Members share their knowledge, experience and expertise. You can find everything about Human Resources here. 

Human Resources Group

Members: 15 400+

Description: This group is a platform for HR professionals to interact with each other. Here they discuss HR-related topics, jobs, latest trends, current events and also develop contacts. They share experiences, ideas and insights with others.

Why should you join this group? This group was created to improve the contacts and the relationships between HR professionals from different countries and boost personal brands of group members.

Human Resources International ExNoRa

Members: 40 100+

Description: This group is for people who have a passion for HR, have a job in HR, want job opportunities, or network with HR people.

Why should you join this group? This group serves as an opportunity to help other HR peers find jobs, ask tough questions, and other essential HR topics.

Learning and Development

Members: 26 700+

Description: L&D Global group is a worldwide network of Learning and Development Practitioners. The Network was founded by Surya Prakash Mohapatra, a senior Industry Thought Leader in the HR space.

Why should you join this group? This group is full of information about different forums, training programs, webinars, ‘Chat with Expert’ sessions and other learning activities.

HR Success TALK group

Members: 25 200+

Description: The purpose of this group is to bring HR professionals together globally. Share updates, articles, job openings, best practices, ask questions and help others.

Why should you join this group? In this group, you will be able to communicate with HR specialists in a few minutes, asking questions and quickly receiving answers.

Corporate Professionals

Members: 20 400+

Description: This group is created for all corporate professionals, HR, Marketing, Finance, Legal, CA's, CS's and Corporate Advocates, to interact with each other and share their thoughts.

Why should you join this group? In this group, you will really find many opinion leaders in the HR field and will be able to ask them all questions you want.

Human Resources (HR) secret group

Description: This community aims to connect both HR experts worldwide and beginners in this field.

Why should you join this group? In this group, there is a lot of "secret" and valuable content. There are several online free courses and exclusive interviews with famous HR specialists.

TOP HR Groups

Top HR groups by geographical division

Human Resource Management

Members: 59 100+

Country: India

Description: This group is for those who are interested in Human Resource Management or who directly practice it. Members are sharing their knowledge, experience and expertise.

HR Egypt

Members: 21 300+

Country: Egypt

Description: Most of the members of this group are Egyptians. They do share their ideas or experience and publish various vacant positions in different types of companies.

Recruiters Online

Members: 19 800+

Country: USA

Description: This group was created mainly for recruiters. Members discuss recruiting here. Each member should be in a recruiting-related role to join this group. No vacancies, any adverts or promotions are published here.

Bangladesh HR & Compliance Home (BHCH)

Members: 10 900+

Country: India

Description: This group was made for connecting, sharing & self-developing of HR, Admin & Compliance Professionals.

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HR Open Source – #HROS

Members: 9 600+

Country: USA

Description: The intent of #HROS is to make it easier for practitioners to access the resources, tips, tools, and tricks they need to succeed in today’s world of work while hiring and developing the top talent of tomorrow.

Human Resources Professionals In Turkey

Members: 7 000+

Country: Turkey

Description: Turkey has come together to explore and exchange ideas among a group of human resource professionals.

Armenian HR Association

Members: 1 000+

Country: Armenia

Description: This group was created for Armenian HR specialists to post photos, comments, quotes, questions and anything else related to HRM and HR Association.

Wicked HR

Members: 22 500+

Country: Russia

Description: The group offers unique content that you will not find in other Russian-speaking groups.

HR hub

Members: 19 000+

Country: Russia

Description: It's a closed community of HR professionals. The members are HR specialists, recruiters, coaches, managers and companies-providers of HR Solutions.

Best HR Practices

Members: 19 000+

Country: Russia

Description: This group is for those who think about the effectiveness of HR projects for the business. Admins believe in the strength and talent of people who can learn from the best examples and others' mistakes, constructively solving any problems.

Facebook HR Groups

Top groups for vacancy offers

HR job hiring (Philippines)

Members: 211 450+

Country: Philippines

Description: This group was specially made for job seekers and employers from the Philippines. Members also publish tips about employee training and onboarding; they help people find new jobs.

HR and Recruitment Company In India

Members: 57 500+

Country: India

Description: This group is a peculiar search with experienced professionals firm in India with an exhaustive knowledge of recruitment in technology-driven industries. It provides Recruitment Process, Training Services, Human Resource Consultants, Outsourcing, Staffing Solutions, Business Consulting, Education Consulting & Career Consulting.

The Human Resources Group

Members: 28 300+

Country: multinational group

Description: This group serves as an opportunity to help other HR peers with finding jobs, asking the tough questions, and other essential HR topics. To discuss an HR topic or find a job, you can write to the Discussion Board and write in a question and someone will help you.

HR Jobs

Members: 91 600+

Country: India

Description: This group was created only for job oriented posts. Everyone is focused on vacancies, so you will definitely find what you are looking for.

HR(Human Resource) Club & Jobs @ Bangalore

Members: 44 200+

Country: India

Description: This group is mostly focused on helping each other and helping people who need a job.

HR Philippines

Members: 25 300+

Country: Philippines

Description: This group was created for recruiters from the Philippines to find the right people for their organizations and companies. Most posts include job descriptions.

HR Professionals Nigeria

Members: 24 300+

Country: Nigeria

Description: This group is open to HR professionals, people who want to develop a career in HR, job seekers and recruiters. Ideas are shared and vacancies posted for job seekers, while professional advice is rendered to our young professionals

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Thanks for your attention! We hope our list was helpful and useful for you to group human resources societies😊

If you are a member of some cool HR group that is not on our list, please share the link and provide a short description in the comments.

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