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Speed up onboarding and conduct regular training and evaluations of your employees with online manufacturing training

Learning Management System For Manufacturing

With AcademyOcean, you get the best
You can also use quizzes to test how prepared they are to start their work responsibilities.
Conduct safety briefings. Once learners have completed courses about how to use equipment, you can test their knowledge.
Train employees and partners on the quality standards of your manufacturing.
Equipment training
Maintaining quality

What's it for?

It's very important to provide your staff with the ability to constantly grow and develop.
Increase employee motivation
Create basic courses for new hires using specialized LMS for manufacturing. This gets them familiar with the company, their role, rules on the job, fire safety, and any other important information.
Onboarding new employees
This is crucial for new hires and can also be important for all employees when new equipment is purchased.
This cuts down on wasted time and reduces the number of defective products produced. Your knowledge base is always available.
When you do so, your employees feel valued by your company, and they feel encouraged by the prospect of further training and career advancement.
Descriptions of technology processes
Safety procedures for manufacturing
Instructions for working with equipment
A specialized enterprise LMS has everything your employees need to do their job well. The training portal is available 24/7 on any device!

Create a knowledge base with 24/7 access

Regardless of how many distributors you have or where they're located, you can train all of them with AcademyOcean and increase your sales potential using our sales enablement tool.

Create an unlimited number of training portals, each with their own domain, language, interface, and admins.

Train 100+ distributors using one account

Assessments are one of the most important stages of preparing new hires for work in manufacturing and for improving employee skills.

With our quiz builder, you can create quizzes that check to see whether or not an employee is ready for a promotion or for working in a specific production area. When an employee passes, you can issue a certificate.

Conduct assessments

In AcademyOcean, you have access to detailed training reports on employees and distributors. You can also see how training affects actual productivity (using the Power BI integration).

This helps you assess your team's knowledge and skills and find areas for improvement.

Track training progress

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