LMS for Manufacturing Industry

Speed up onboarding and conduct regular manufacturing online courses and evaluations of your employees with online manufacturing training

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LMS for Manufacturing Industry
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Maximize Quality Assurance with Manufacturing LMS

Onboarding new employees

Create a comprehensive LMS manufacturing course for new employees using a specialized learning management system for the manufacturing industry. This online manufacturing training LMS will familiarize them with the company, their roles, work rules, fire safety, and other crucial information. Additionally, you can employ quizzes to assess their readiness to commence their job roles.

Maintaining quality

Provide comprehensive online training on the quality standards of your production to employees and partners with an LMS for the manufacturing industry. With a manufacturing learning management system, you’ll minimize wasted time and reduce the occurrence of defective products.

Your LMS manufacturing knowledge base will be readily accessible anywhere from any device.

Equipment training

Initiate thorough safety courses to ensure the proper usage of equipment. Use an LMS for manufacturing companies to evaluate the knowledge of the learners following their training sessions.

This step holds significant importance for new employees and all staff members whenever new equipment is acquired.

Increase employee motivation

Employee growth and development are essential. Offer continuing education opportunities. Manufacturing online courses make your employees feel valued in the company and encourages them with the prospect of further training and career development.

Manufacturing LMS features 

Create a Comprehensive Corporate Academy 

With AcademyOcean, you can create different kinds of training content right on the platform

Create manufacturing online courses with various formats like video overviews of work processes, charts, or diagrams. Add presentations, images with pop-up tips, and more to cover multiple topics, from general knowledge, up to compliance training. You can even host virtual meetings right on the online manufacturing software.

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Enhance manufacturing training efficiency with an intuitive LMS course and lesson builder, designed to create interactive and engaging content for the manufacturing industry

Our specialized LMS for manufacturing has everything your employees need to do their job well. The training portal is available 24/7 on any device to create and deliver


Safety procedures for manufacturing


Instructions for working with equipment


Descriptions of technology processes

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Empower your manufacturing workforce with comprehensive cross-functional training using a specialized LMS for manufacturing companies

Train 100+ distributors using one account

Efficiently manage multiple training portals within a single manufacturing LMS platform

Regardless of how many distributors you have or where they're located, you can train all of them with the AcademyOcean LMS manufacturing program and increase your sales potential using our sales enablement tool. Create unlimited training portals, each with its domain, language, interface, and admins.

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Streamline manufacturing training administration with an LMS that offers flexible role assignment and management

Assign admins to different roles and delegate tasks to employees and mentors with flexible access to management, content creation and analytics.

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Ajax Systems, manufacturer of the most distinguished security system in Europe, trains distributors and partners in over 100 countries worldwide.

Conduct assessments

Evaluation is one of the most critical stages of employee development

With our quiz builder, you can create quizzes that check to see whether an employee is ready for a promotion or for working in a specific production area. 

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Assess manufacturing knowledge and skills effectively with a comprehensive quiz and exam system integrated into your LMS for manufacturing

Create comprehensive exams and conveniently manage their settings and statistics in a separate section.14 types of tests allow you to test your employees' knowledge in many ways.

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Manage and customize exams within your manufacturing LMS to accurately evaluate employee competencies

Track training progress

With AcademyOcean LMS manufacturing solution, you can access detailed training reports on employees and distributors

Track learner progress and performance with detailed statistics in your manufacturing training LMS

The detailed progress cards provide a comprehensive overview of each learner's progress, showcasing completed courses, modules, and assessments. Admins can easily monitor the progress of individual employees, ensuring they are on track with their training goals.

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Optimize your manufacturing training process with learning funnels designed to guide employees through progressive skill development

Engagement is the key to successful learning. Our quality funnel will help you increase engagement by carefully screening and filtering content. With us, learning becomes not only helpful but also fun!

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Monitor engagement and training effectiveness with comprehensive statistics dashboards in your manufacturing LMS

Visualize data related to learner performance, engagement, and progress. You can also see how training affects productivity using our Power BI integration. This helps you assess your team's knowledge and skills and find areas for improvement.

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Customize Your Training Platform for Manufacturing Employees

With AcademyOcean's training for manufacturing employees, you can easily tailor the interface to match your corporate style. Our customizable features allow you to seamlessly align the learning academy with your company's branding and create a cohesive perception.

Personalize the welcome page, portal, and learner's profile to reflect your brand's identity. Incorporate your company's logo, colors, and imagery to create a visually consistent experience.

Customize your manufacturing LMS with branded elements to create a cohesive learning experience

Streamlined Training Experience

AcademyOcean LMS for manufacturing can help you launch a step-by-step employee development program

Visualize learning paths and career progression with an interactive learner roadmap in your manufacturing LMS
Access manufacturing training on-the-go with a mobile-friendly LMS designed for the manufacturing industry

Access from any devic

Our manufacturing training software lets employees easily access training materials from any device without interrupting their work. Whether they prefer to study during their break, lunch break, or even while commuting to work, they have the flexibility to choose a time and place that's convenient for them.

Our platform is fully optimized and compatible with various devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones, for seamless accessibility and ease of use.

Ease of use

At AcademyOcean, we prioritize ease of use in designing and developing our platform. With a remarkable ease of use score of 9.8/10 (G2), we strive to provide an intuitive and user-friendly interface for all employees to navigate, making their learning enjoyable and effective.

From accessing course materials to participating in interactive activities, our platform makes it easy and confident for employees to complete their training.

Browse a comprehensive course catalog tailored to the manufacturing industry within your LMS
Recognize employee achievements with custom certificates generated by your manufacturing LMS


AcademyOcean takes employee certification to the next level by offering it directly on our platform. We provide a comprehensive assessment feature that allows you to test and assess your employees' skills and knowledge. 

After completing a course or meeting the requirements for certification, employees can receive earned certifications that recognize their achievements and successes.

Benefits of LMS for manufacturing training

Safety Compliance
Use a robust learning management system designed specifically for the manufacturing industry. That way, you can effectively improve safety and compliance in your organization.
Automate onboarding
With the best LMS for manufacturing, you can automate the onboarding process for new hires. You can efficiently familiarize employees with safety protocols, workplace procedures, and regulatory compliance by providing access to online manufacturing training modules, instructional videos, and interactive assessments. 
Standardize knowledge
One of the significant benefits of a manufacturing LMS is the ability to standardize knowledge across the organization. Utilizing a dedicated learning management system for manufacturing, you can centralize training materials and courses, ensuring that all manufacturing employees receive the same high-quality training.
Save time and money
Traditional training methods, such as in-person workshops or off-site seminars, can be time-consuming and expensive. However, you can deliver training materials efficiently with our manufacturing training software.

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