Hospitality LMS

Your company is founded on quality customer service. Launch your training on AcademyOcean LMS hospitality software and take your employees' skills to the next level.

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Hospitality LMS

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Why AcademyOcean LMS?

Unified training program

AcademyOcean lets you train teams of any size in one central location. Launch effective training courses for hospitality, ensuring that every employee in any division of your company receives consistent and standardized training.

With our LMS system for the hospitality industry, keep your team in sync for top-notch customer service.

LMS system for the hospitality industry: Unified training across locations

Intuitive interface and convenient management

You don't need any technical skills to use our platform. The easy-to-use UI/UX makes it quick and easy for administrators to create and upload content.

For learners, the platform offers simple navigation and a profile where they can find all available courses, see their learning progress, check system notifications, and read their notes. This also works amazingly well in training for franchisees.

LMS system for the hospitality industry: Interactive course builder

Tracking and reporting

Tracking and reporting are seamless with our hospitality LMS training system. Detailed reports give insights into user progress, team performance, and e-learning content.Access these statistics directly within the platform or easily upload them to other programs, providing you with comprehensive analytics to enhance your hospitality LMS experience.

Hospitality LMS AcademyOcean: Learning analytics

24/7 access to training

Empower your team to excel in what they love with our cutting-edge hospitality LMS training system - where passion meets progress! 

Enjoy 24/7 access to training on any device. It allows your employees the flexibility to learn at their own pace without interrupting their daily tasks.

Hospitality LMS AcademyOcean: Adaptive learning

Convenient training for every location

Discover the convenience of our hospitality LMS. Effortlessly manage training across all your company's locations using a user-friendly interface. Simplify administrative tasks and enhance efficiency.

point Individual Learning Portals

point Centralized Management

point Real-Time Monitoring

point Scalable growth

Hospitality LMS AcademyOcean: Multiple training portals


AcademyOcean integrates easily into your business processes. Use Zapier to connect your CRM or any other program - no developers needed. You can also use our API and Webhooks.

Hospitality LMS AcademyOcean: Integrations

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