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Train new hires on autopilot and level up your core staff! Enjoy the features of modern customer onboarding software.

LMS 2.0 for retail employee training

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Why do retailers need LMS?

Regular team training

Assign individual training and development programs. Promptly share updates about sales, new products, and new work standards with your staff.

Train new hires on autopilot with an online retail training system. This minimizes employee turnover and allows you to recruit new employees more quickly.

Automating onboarding

One set of standards for all stores

Maintain consistency across your business by combining training for different areas of work in one training portal.

When you have a large network of partners, suppliers, and distributors, it's important to reach all of them. Use high-quality training to strengthen relationships.

Partner training and support

Advantages of AcademyOcean LMS for retail

Implementation on day one
AcademyOcean LMS is ready to go on day one — nothing needs to be installed, and you won't waste time preparing to launch your new retail training program.

Convenient templates and built-in tools make it easy to brand your portals and create training courses.
Training that's easy to access
Our platform is available at any time and adapts to any device.
Your team will have around-the-clock access to your knowledge base, and this allows their training schedule to be more flexible, allowing you to create convenient training on sales skills. Course contents and style can be easily adapted to individual employee needs.
Minimum manual work
Automate course assignments with our LMS for retail. Utilize pre-made templates for display settings and certificates, as well as for detailed reports that can be downloaded as XLS files. Quickly copy and edit content.

Maximum automation saves you time.

Tools for verification and motivation
AcademyOcean retailer management system offers tools for building quizzes and certificates.

This enables you to check employee knowledge about your products, services, company, processes for working with clients, and more.

You can also motivate employees to learn by rewarding certificates for excellent results.

Ease of admin
Launch independent training portals for each branch or area of business, or for your partners.

You can manage these portals within a single account, assigning various managers as needed for tasks such as managing learners, creating content, and analyzing reports.

Simple integration with your software
AcademyOcean integrates easily into your business processes.
APIs and Webhooks make it easy to transfer the data you need.

Zapier integration lets you connect your CRM, HRIS, or any other software — no technical skills required!
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