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Retail LMS brings automation to onboarding and continuous learning. Benefit from interactive templates, deliver orientations and structured pathways for sales readiness. Push compliant updates and leverage analytics for improved development 24/7.

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Launch a convenient and efficient retail training platform for employees
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Elevate Your Workforce with Retail LMS

One Set of Standards

Consistency is key in retail, especially when you have multiple stores or branches. Retail LMS provides a centralized training portal for your workforce.

Regular Team Training

LMS Administration is a breeze! Assign individual training and development programs on the retail training platform. Thus ensuring employees stay updated with the latest retail trends, sales techniques, and work standards.

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Automated Onboarding

Effective onboarding software is crucial to minimize employee turnover and maximize productivity. Train new hires on autopilot with retail LMS software. Unlock the features of cutting-edge retail LMS software for seamless onboarding.

Partner Training & Support

Deliver high-quality training to your partners. Retail LMS software allows them to align with your standards, enhance their skills, and strengthen their relationships with your business.

LMS for retail: Implementation On Day One

Focus on what truly matters - training your retail staff

Quickly and easily create interesting and engaging learning courses with AcademyOcean retail LMS software

AcademyOcean LMS for retail is ready to go on day one - nothing needs to be installed, and you won't waste time preparing to launch your retail management training program.

Convenient templates and built-in tools make it easy to brand your portals and create training courses tailored to your specific training needs.

Retail Training Platform that's Easy To Access

Flexibility is key to success. Our mobile-friendly retail LMS software ensures your employees can conveniently fit training into their busy schedules. Our platform is available at any time and adapts to any device.

Your employees will have 24/7 access to the knowledge base, making the training schedule more agile. Course content and style can be easily adapted to individual employee needs.

Enjoyable training programs for retail employees

Reduce Manual Effort to the Minimum with Retail LMS Software

Supercharge your retail training initiatives

Creating, copying, editing and other interactions with the learning content are so easy with AcademyOcean retail LMS

Training retail employees is made easy with AcademyOcean! Our LMS for retail empowers you to automate course assignments, employee enrollment, progress analysis and more.  

Effortlessly create captivating and compelling training content that will leave a lasting impact. With just a few clicks, you can quickly copy and edit content, putting you in control of your training materials. Maximum automation saves you time!

LMS for retail: detailed Reports at Your Fingertips

Insights for Continuous Improvement

Gaining insights into your retail employees' progress is the secret to continuous improvement. AcademyOcean LMS offers robust progress tracking and reporting features to monitor individual employees' growth. Plus, there is an advanced AI create tool to help you create an upgrade lessons.  

Unleash the potential of your workforce and optimize performance across your retail operations with data-driven decision-making.

Advanced training and reporting is essential for success in retail customer service training

Verification and motivation tools

Build a convenient roadmap right within the retail LMS and assign certificates for completing them

Motivation is the driving force behind exceptional performance. With our retail training solutions, you can inspire and reward your employees for their outstanding achievements. 

AcademyOcean retail training platform offers comprehensive tools for building quizzes and certificates. This enables you to check employee knowledge about your products, services, company, processes for working with clients, and more. Brace yourself for an exciting journey into knowledge checks and recognition.

Effortless Retail Training Platform Administration

Simplified Administration for Maximum Efficiency

Managing your training portals and overseeing the learning journey of your retail employees has never been easier. Launch independent training portals for each branch or area of business or your partners.

You can manage these portals within a single account, assigning various managers as needed for tasks such as managing learners, creating content, and analyzing reports.

Conveniently control and administrate training for retail employees, ensuring the quality of learning

Retail LMS with a Simple integration with your software

Integrate your new LMS platform with all your current retail training programs

Don't let technical barriers hinder your progress. AcademyOcean integrates easily into your business processes. APIs and Webhooks make it easy to transfer the data you require. Zapier's integration lets you connect your CRM, HRIS, or any other software - no technical skills are required!

Key benefits of AcademyOcean LMS for retail employee training

Comprehensive training across your business

Easy-to-use interface
Intuitive Training
AcademyOcean LMS offers a user-friendly interface that's tailor-made for retail employees. Ensure that your team can effortlessly access valuable training materials.
Learning on the Go
AcademyOcean is fully optimized for mobile devices, putting training for retail employees at their fingertips anytime and anywhere.
Interactive content
Enjoyable learning experiences
Boring training sessions are a thing of the past! Watch as your employees become fully immersed in interactive modules, simulations, and quizzes.
Customizable training content
Tailored for Retail
Keep the power of customization in your hands with AcademyOcean retail LMS. Ensure that every lesson is relevant, targeted, and impactful.
In-depth Analytics
Data-driven e-Learning
AcademyOcean LMS empower retail managers with robust progress tracking and reporting features. Monitor individual progress, generate reports, and identify areas for improvement.
Scalable solution
Expand training boundaries
Match the growth of your retail organization and scale your training programs as your workforce expands.

We're trusted by companies around the world

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