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Elevate sales performance with AcademyOcean's LMS for sales. Provide the highest quality training, empowering employees to sell better and faster. Create engaging programs tailored to your needs with our sales training platform and streamline the process from onboarding to upskilling. Finally, leverage analytics for data-driven optimization.

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Enhance your sales training platform with AcademyOcean's lms for sales - mobile learning software for seamless training
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Accelerate Sales Success with AcademyOcean sales training LMS

Fast and efficient sales training software enables you to share crucial knowledge and skills.

Increase your sales potential

Empower managers to share valuable insights, enabling teams to work smarter, close deals faster, and drive higher sales with our LMS for sales.

Speed up new-hire onboarding

AcademyOcean sales training LMS helps new sales employees learn the ins and outs of your company's sales process, ensuring they start generating revenue with confidence.

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Manage sales performance

Equip your teams with the latest product information, sales conditions, and business insights, optimizing their efficiency and productivity with our LMS for sales training.

Put your training on autopilot

Devote more time to your business and less time to repetitive tasks. Free up valuable time with AcademyOcean's LMS sales platform.

Enhance Sales Excellence with our Sales Training Platform

Sharpen selling skills with AcademyOcean's sales training lms - video answers for scenario-based training

Train product knowledge and sales techniques

Your employees can sell your product more confidently once they know everything about it.

Our LMS for sales provides interactive courses to educate your teams on product intricacies and video answers to train sales techniques. With our user-friendly content builder, you can effortlessly share knowledge and create efficient sales training programs.

Sharpen selling skills

Accelerate deal closures by honing negotiation skills.

Quiz builder allows you to create interactive simulators where sellers can practice conversations with customers using our LMS sales. This helps identify knowledge gaps that need to be filled.

Gather valuable insights with AcademyOcean's sales lms - feedback and surveys for continuous improvement
Track progress effortlessly with AcademyOcean's sales learning management system - reporting & analytics for data-driven decisions

Identify high performers

Managing remote employees' training has never been so easy. Gain valuable insights from in-depth statistics to monitor training outcomes, pinpoint strengths, and identify areas for optimization with our LMS sales.

Empower global and remote teams

Tailor training to specific products and services relevant to each team's work. Create multiple training portals with your domain, branding, and interface language for seamless learning experiences using our sales training software.

Empower global teams with AcademyOcean's lms for sales training - multiple training portals for personalized experiences

About the product

AcademyOcean LMS is designed to help every aspect of your sales training succeed

Create an engaging learning environment with AcademyOcean's sales training lms - customizable learning portal

Learning Portal

Choose from pre-designed portal themes tailored to meet your sales training needs, ensuring an engaging and visually appealing learning environment.

Full Statistics

Access complete statistics and gain valuable insights into learner activity and progress, enabling you to track performance effectively and make data-driven decisions.

Monitor performance with AcademyOcean's sales lms - comprehensive reporting & analytics
Reinforce knowledge with AcademyOcean's online sales training software - advanced quizzes and exams

Advanced Quizzes

Effortlessly create quizzes that assess your learners' progress and understanding of the material, ensuring a thorough grasp of sales concepts and techniques.

Customizable Certificates

Recognize your learners' achievements easily by using our built-in certificate templates. Or design your own, adding a personalized touch to their accomplishments.

Recognize achievements with AcademyOcean's sales training tool - customizable certificates
Enhance learning experience with AcademyOcean's online sales training platform - engaging welcome page and mobile view

Engaging Welcome page

Craft a unique and captivating first impression for visitors to your sales training platform, setting the stage for an immersive learning experience.

Mobile version

Ensure seamless access to your Sales LMS from any device, allowing learners to engage with the training material on the go, enhancing flexibility and convenience.

Create a captivating first impression with AcademyOcean's sales training platforms - engaging welcome page
Discover powerful features with AcademyOcean's software sales training - feature description

Powerful modules

Take complete control of your sales training with powerful modules that enable efficient management, integration, automation, and personalization of your Academy's content.


AcademyOcean can easily be integrated with any apps and services you use.

Connect your favorite CRM to link training objectives with employee results within your business processes. This helps you better identify critical areas for improvement.

Seamless integration with AcademyOcean's best sales training software - integration options

Benefits Of Using An LMS For Sales Training

Let technology do the heavy lifting, so your team can focus on what they do best – closing deals!

Automated training
With our LMS for sales training, you can automate your training programs, streamline the process and save valuable time from content delivery to progress tracking.
Sales onboarding
Ensure a smooth transition into your organization's sales process, equipping employees with essential knowledge and skills using our sales training LMS.
Tracking and reporting 
Comprehensive tracking and reporting features allow you to monitor your team's progress and performance with our LMS for sales.
Ease of Customization
No two sales teams are alike, and neither should their training be! AcademyOcean LMS offers unparalleled customization, allowing you to tailor training content to your specific goals.
Easy to Use
Our user-friendly LMS for sales ensures a smooth and intuitive experience for administrators and learners.
Engaging Quizzes
14 types of questions to challenge your sales team's knowledge, reinforce key concepts, and identify areas that need reinforcement using our sales training software.

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