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AcademyOcean for customer support training
Customer service can make or break your business.

Customer Service Training For Employees

Get new hires up to speed using interactive courses, quizzes, and gamification. This helps you get new team members involved in work processes more quickly. Set it up once and use it forever. The system takes care of everything for you!
Your customer support team needs to have a deep understanding of your products and services. It is hard to overestimate the importance of training for customer service staff. After all, these are the employees who will be answering clients' questions when they arise.
Ensure that every member of your support team has been trained on the same methods and rules. Be it a local team or a remote one — all employees have access to the same knowledge base.
Knowledge base and certificates
A unified training program

What's it for?

A Salesforce study showed that 89% of clients make another purchase after a positive customer service experience. So, training staff in customer service is a must.
Improving customer service
Create a unified company academy for new employees and save time during their onboarding process.
Fast employee onboarding
With the AcademyOcean platform, you can create a knowledge base about your product, conduct quizzes, and certify employees. Employees, in turn, will always have access to the information they need.
This helps you avoid inconsistent standards when helping clients.
Continuous training and skill development will allow your support staff to feel more confident when navigating through difficult situations and help them better serve customers.

Why AcademyOcean?

Easily fill the platform with interactive training content.

You can create lessons from scratch or upload content you've already prepared, including text, images, presentations, videos, and audio files.

Test and poll
Our quiz builder allows you to create interactive simulators where sellers can practice conversations with customers. This helps identify knowledge gaps that need to be filled.

No technical skills needed
We made sure that the mobile learning management system is easy to use for both administrators and learners.

Convenient navigation and a thoughtful UI/UX make it easy to acclimate to the platform.

24/7 access to training
Employees can work on their training at any time that's convenient to them, without disturbing their workday. They can train at home, on their way to work, or during their breaks.

The platform is available at any time and on any device.

Use our API and Webhooks to easily transfer the data you need. You can also use Zapier to connect to your CRM, HRIS, or any other software — no technical skills required.

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