Use your e-learning LMS SaaS training Academy to teach clients how your product works

Help clients reach their goals via the advanced SaaS LMS system (and let them fall in love with your product along the way!)

Product Academy

Attract customers

Organize your training articles, videos, and presentations in interactive lessons, keeping them available to a broad audience via the SaaS LMS platform.

Use teaser lessons to attract potential customers to your product and turn them into loyal users - and then watch as they become long-term fans of your product or software.

Use email and GTM integration with the SaaS LMS platform to make your e-learning training courses part of your marketing strategy.

Attract customers


"In ten months, we have received 2,100 warm leads through our Academy"

- Artem, CEO of

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Onboard your customers

AcademyOcean LMS SaaS makes customers' first day with your product unforgettable.

Create engaging interactive e-learning training courses that make learning about your product easy for users and clients with SaaS LMS systems such as AcademyOcean. Trial clients and customers will learn the benefits of your solution more quickly, and they'll become paying customers.

Reply learning academy


"The results have exceeded our expectations: conversion rates are up, and there have been no complaints from our users about difficulties using the Academy"

- Dmitriy, CEO & Co-Founder of

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Reward customers

Award e-learning certificates to the most advanced users of your product. Your clients will proudly share their achievements with friends on social media, which then helps build your brand recognition.

Advanced Certification

"Four out of ten users who received a certificate in our course shared it on social media"

- Andrew, CMO of AcademyOcean


Increase LTV and add value to your product

AcademyOcean SaaS LMS is an excellent way to help your Customer Success and Marketing team share updates about your product's new features.

Interactively inform customers and clients how your solution can help them solve their problems.

The more features a user takes advantage of when using your platform or software, the more they'll benefit from using the product, which increases their chances of becoming a long-time client of your service or system.

Productive Customer Success team


"On average, three employees at each client company have completed our Academy"

- Claire, Marketing Manager of SmartKeyword

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