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Create online courses

5 easy steps for turning your knowledge into amazing courses

Step 1

Create courses

Create professional content for any audience quickly and easily with no coding or technical expertise. Launch your first course in minutes!

Host video courses and offer live lessons directly through AcademyOcean

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Create a varied learning experience by using interactive files, such as videos, audio clips, links, GIFs, PDFs, embedded presentations, and more

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Set open dates for classes or entire courses. Allow learners to study at their own pace or on a schedule with a group

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Get learners interested with a teaser that gets them curious about the full course

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Step 2

Design your platform

Customize nearly everything, from the text on buttons to the certificates learners get

branded landing page

your domain

custom interface

learners portal themes

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Step 3

Transform your dream project into a business

Combine the best CRM, payment methods, communication tools, and anything you need using Zapier, APIs & Webhooks

Step 4

Engage learners

Create a fun and enjoyable learner experience

Let the learners test their confidence and real skills by recording video/audio answers. Give them detailed feedback, allowing them to grow and achieve results

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Each learner has their own personal portal where they can manage visual settings and check their learning roadmap

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Reward your learners with certificates and engage them in friendly competition with rankings

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Provide your students with unique value through feedback on assignments, prompts, and reviews. Make your course something they’ll remember

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Step 5

Analyze to improve

Take your business to greater heights by growing your audience or finding new ways to generate revenue

Why aren't learners completing courses, and how can you change that? Check the quality of your content with funnels and make improvements.

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See overall statistics by course and test, or dive into each individual learner's card to see their scores

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Get a real-time picture of what's going on at your academy. Check out the geographical locations of learners, popular visit times, number of learners online, and more

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Who would benefit from using an Ultimate Online Course Creator

Everyone has something to teach or to share with others, especially in business

Whether you are a business owner, teacher, professor, influencer, or maybe you run an organization, the ability to create your online course to share your knowledge and expertise can be the key to success.

Upskill your workers, broaden the audience, and introduce your partners and customers to your product or service—all this can be easily done with a reliable ecourse platform.

Our unique online course builder allows creating of flexible learning courses, starting from customer onboarding up to training your brand professionals.

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Weʼre with you every step of the way

We make sure you have everything you need to succeed as a trainer and edupreneur

Personal training sessions with Solution Consultants

Access to a detailed academy all about AcademyOcean

Live chat support on the Platform

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Designing Content For Courses With AcademyOcean Tools

AcademyOcean developed a comprehensive platform to create an online course of any complexity 

Create an online courses platform with our handy tools:

Media library:  store and manage all of your courses and media.

Quiz and Survey Creator: conveniently develop new courses and change existing ones.

Branding customization: add your brand's logo, adjust the color scheme, and adapt other design elements. 

Interactive elements: add flashcards, videos, and images, and arrange simulations to engage the learners.

Gamification: use badges, points, and leaderboards to motivate learners and boost engagement.

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