LMS Portals

Create multiple learning environments to deliver customized online training programs

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Multilingual academies on separate AcademyOcean LMS portals

Integration of LMS training portal


A separate academy for each audience or learning target


A tailor-made approach and learning experience


Start with one portal and grow as your audience grows

Setting up learning environments

You can easily set up multiple portals at AcademyOcean without any technical expertise

Create an unlimited number of online training portals in AcademyOcean. For example, our client Ajax has created separate academies for partners in 90 countries.

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Separates LMS portals to train different target audience

Create and manage different academies from one account. It's like having multiple learning platforms and switching between them like tabs in a browser.

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Check an easy navigation on AcademyOcean's course page

Copy, edit, and transfer courses between portals. Update content across all academies by changing it on one master version only.

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Content automation: copying, cloning and other functions

Create a different approach for different target audiences

Different access, branding, language, purpose, and audience — create academies for all needs of your company

AcademyOcean's modern course builder

Create an academy for employee professional development with online courses, tests, and certifications.

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Learners profile in AcademyOcean LMS

Set up a separate portal for onboarding newbies with personalized learning roadmaps.

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Corporate knowledge base

A corporate-wide knowledge base with all the essential information. Well-structured and easily accessible to all employees.

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Unique, Branded learning system

Each of your LMS training portals can be unique in its look and content

Each portal can be styled differently to match your corporate branding or your desired tone of voice. You can customize:
Academy Welcome Page
Learner's profile
Logo and favicon
Your domain name
Certificates and more

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Some parts of the AcademyOcean LMS that you can customize

Train a multilingual team. You can easily change the interface language for both the administrator and the learners. 

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Changing the interface language for AcademyOcean LMS admins and learners

Assign different administrators, editors, analysts, and curators for each portal. 

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Setting user roles in AcademyOcean LMS

Learning portals are accessible from any device. You can also set up a login with your Google account or social media or even set up a single sign-on from your work systems.

Mobile learning LMS: access from any devices

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