Social learning platform

Encourage social learning at your company with AcademyOcean

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Social learning platform example

Social learning management system advantages

Engaged workforce
Create for your employees an environment for sharing experiences
Enhanced development
Employees learn from the best practice of their successful peers
Social interactions
Provide a human context to the learning experience

Top functions of social LMS from AcademyOcean

Check out the benefits of our social learning software

Social LMS is the way to share the knowledge

Everything you need for perfect social training

With AcademyOcean, learning will be more fun and digestible

A modern editor for adding text, presentations, video & audio tutorials. Pictures with tips and even embedding elements from third-party services.

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AcademyOcean's course editor

Hold personal and group meetings in the ILT section. Each learner has an internal schedule and the ability to save an event to a Google calendar.

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Create teams to work on a common project. Set a start and end date if training is to be completed by a certain deadline, and they will work on the materials together at the same pace.

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Training for teams

Socialize Your Learning

Encourage employees to share real on-the-job experience

Learner's roles at AcademyOcean LMS

Assign different roles to learners. Keep them engaged and help them take on leadership roles and develop decision-making skills.

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Sharing certificates from training platform

Employees can share their certificates of successful course completion, as well as recommend their favorite courses to colleagues on social networks.

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Provide gamified training

Create a friendly competition and a culture of continuous growth

Enjoy a great experience interacting with the platform: personal profile with a learning roadmap, quick login, bookmarking, and more.

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Learner's path and developing roadmap in AcademyOcean LMS

Certificates, leaderboards, and other rewards are easily customizable for your company and motivate learners to grow.

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LMS Gamification: badges and certificates

Build a learner pathway—a step-by-step progression from simple to complex, or break down the information into the necessary steps.

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Smart teams: automatic learners paths

Track and analyze

Make sure the training is memorable and productive

Video answer as one of the test options

Such exercises will be a great way to test communication skills, self-confidence, etc

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Quizzes and exams at AcademyOcean LMS

Use a variety of quizzes and assignments—more than 14 types of questions allow for a complete knowledge assessment.

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AcademyOcean's reports, dashboards, and funnels

Detailed reports on courses, tests, and exams. Bright dashboards and content quality funnels.

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We’re with you every step of the way

Your working and training success is our priority and responsibility

Face-to-face training with Solution Consultants

Access to in-depth course teaching about AcademyOcean

Live chat support on the Platform

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Live support at LMS

Clients feedback

See how AcademyOcean will work in your organization

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