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Introducing AcademyOcean's innovative AI course curriculum generator. Transform your course development process.

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How to create your curriculum outline with AI free

The AI curriculum generator simplifies content development. Follow these 3 steps to interact with our AI to create your first AI-enhanced online course curriculum outline


Input Your Content

Begin with a brief description of your course in the AI curriculum generator. The AI will analyze your input and generate a comprehensive curriculum outline tailored to your requirements.


Customize Your Curriculum Outline

Once you have an initial AI curriculum outline, it's time to make it yours. The intuitive curriculum creator allows you to easily rearrange, edit, and refine the outline. Add or remove sections and modify descriptions to ensure the information perfectly aligns with your vision.


Generate and Share

The AI curriculum builder can instantly generate a polished, professional-looking document. When satisfied with your customized curriculum outline - share it with colleagues, learners, or stakeholders.

Why use an AI curriculum creator

Work strategically, not tirelessly - adopt a smarter approach to course creation with an AI curriculum generator.

Efficiency and Speed

Improve your curriculum with the writer's block-breaking creativity of AI. Our cutting-edge AI curriculum generator automates the creation process, saving you countless hours of manual work while providing tailored, high-quality educational frameworks.

Customization and Flexibility

Seize the opportunity to create a curriculum that genuinely engages your learners. Our AI curriculum creator provides unparalleled flexibility, enabling you to customize every aspect to your teaching style and the diverse needs of your learners.

Consistency and Quality

The advanced algorithms ensure seamless alignment between learning objectives, content, and assessments, guaranteeing a cohesive and high-quality educational experience.

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