AcademyOcean LMS for Small Business

Boost productivity and ensure corporate success through customizable courses, interactive modules, and comprehensive analytics. Revolutionize your training approach today!

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AcademyOcean Learning Management Systems (LMS) for Business
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Enhance Employee Learning with Smart LMS for Business Training

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Centralized training solution

Consolidate your employee training, onboarding, testing, and more on a single platform - AcademyOcean LMS for small business.

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Accessible learning platform

Our intuitive interface caters to users of all ages and levels of tech proficiency, ensuring widespread adoption within your organization.

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Effortless Implementation

Our cloud-based platform works on any operating system or device, requiring minimal setup time. Dive into training from day one!

We're trusted by companies around the world

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Unlock the Potential of LMS for Business Training

AcademyOcean LMS for small business keeps up with the time and will be a perfect fit to support your business

AcademyOcean: The best LMS for business training

Engage Learners with Interactive Training

Use the built-in editor with extensive options to create engaging learning

AcademyOcean: #1 LMS for business training

AcademyOcean’s LMS for business supports a diverse range of content format tailored to suit different learning styles. Whether it's interactive modules, video tutorials, or downloadable resources, our platform ensures that every member of your team receives the best LMS for business training experience.

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AcademyOcean: Best LMS for business training

Our LMS for business allows you to check employee knowledge through quizzes and exams designed to challenge and reinforce learning. Set pass requirements and implement timed tests to track progress even more effectively.

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AcademyOcean LMS: Best LMS for business training

Empower your workforce with personalized journeys using the best LMS for business from AcademyOcean. Tailor training to individual needs and goals, from onboarding to upskilling, ensuring every team member receives the support they need to thrive.

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Track Progress with Detailed Analytics

See how much progress employees are making with LMS for business

AcademyOcean LMS: Best LMS for business training

Identify areas where your employees may require additional support with our comprehensive LMS systems for business. Gain insights into skill acquisition and proficiency levels to optimize training strategies.

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Check real-time activity metrics on the LMS for business

With our best LMS for business, you have access to real-time activity metrics, including the number of active learners, popular training times, location of learners, and more.

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Find weaknesses in learning content with our LMS for business

Go beyond basic progress tracking with our Funnels feature. Identify weaknesses in your learning content and delivery methods to enhance employee engagement and knowledge retention.

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LMS adapts to your needs, not the other way around

Get a personalized learning experience using our training platform

Adapt your training to meet each learner's needs. Show their importance through interaction with the platform.

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Personalize employee training with our LMS for business

Encourage learner engagement and motivation with grades, badges, leaderboards, and certificates.

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Motivate learners with badges and certificates on our LMS for business

You can design your learning portal in the corporate style: logo, home page, colors, buttons. And even change the interface texts.

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Keep your brand consistent within all learning courses with a highly customizable LMS platform

Empower Your Business with Powerful LMS Solutions

Create distinct training portals with our LMS for business

Start with a single portal and a basic plan containing all the features to get you started. As the company grows, scale the training platform as well:


A unified solution for employee, customer, and partner training


Separate portals with their own domain, branding, and even interface language

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Connect every part of your business

Combine the learning platform with services you need or applications you're already working with

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We’re with you every step of the way

Your working and training success is our priority


Personal training with Solution Consultants


Access to in-depth course on how to work with AcademyOcean


Live chat support on the Platform

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Get the best LMS for business support

Clients feedback

See how AcademyOcean will work in your organization

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