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Are your customers really getting the most out of your product?

If they don’t understand it, they’re not.

Academy is the best way to teach
your customers

Why AcademyOcean?

Easy-to-Use Interface

Add and edit your content with just a few clicks; no code needed!

Customizable Templates

Our beautiful templates are guaranteed to make your academy look great!

Full Statistics and Analytics

Analyze your customer’s learning processes to understand them better

Website Integration

Academies integrate with your website for easy customer accessibility

For Your Customers:


Motivate and retain your customers with completion rewards and certifications


With our fully-responsive designs, your customers can access their Academy from any device


Your customers can deepen their understanding by asking questions within your Academy


Break down language barriers and reach new markets by creating a multilingual Academy

Additional features:


Are you ready to turn your customers into masters of your SaaS?