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AcademyOcean LMS for consulting
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Learning Management System Consultants

What can LMS provide for consulting companies?

Gather information about working with different clients in one place and centrally manage access to it.

Company knowledge base

Analyze how your clients are doing in their training. This lets you assess the quality of your services and identify areas for improvement.

Analytics and monitoring

Automate the consulting process. Create courses with basic information and use them continually.

Automated training

All your team has to do is upload content and provide access to it. Clients will be able to complete their training independently.

Save working time

In addition to your consulting services, offer a convenient online employee training and development platform.

Training platform for clients

Why AcademyOcean LMS?

Knowledge base
Certificate customization
Course/quiz builder
Let your goals drive how you customize and use the learning management system consulting platform. Take advantage of internal/external training, quizzes, and certificates.
Smart teams (automated learning paths)
Learner teams (by department, focus area, etc.)
By default, you get 1,000 spots for active learners
AcademyOcean LMS consulting platform grows with your team and client base.

Key benefits of AcademyOcean for consulting companies

Several learning portals in one account
The unique structure of AcademyOcean's e-learning consulting solution lets you create an unlimited number of training portals (called academies) with their own branding, domains, and interface languages.

This lets you launch separate portals that are private for each of your clients while managing everything from one central location.

Dynamic content
This feature lets you take a personalized approach to training your customers, delivering quality training for customer services.

If you need some information in your academy to be different for different users, you don't need to create separate lessons for them. Two different learners can see the same lesson differently, depending on the parameters you establish, such as city, job title, etc.

Multilingual portals
Branding and white label academies
Multiple training portals (academies)
Different clients have different needs. The AcademyOcean platform can be adapted for each and every client.
AcademyOcean integrates perfectly into your business processes. Automate routine tasks and connect your CRM or other software.
Synchronization module
The synchronization module helps you duplicate and edit your content in a matter of minutes — no need to spend time manually creating dozens of lessons.

Instead, instantaneously copy lessons, courses, or entire academies, and edit them all at once.

Tracking and reporting
Detailed reports provide tables and funnels that let you perform an in-depth analysis of your client training. You can export any report you create.

Several options for contacting support
Interactive courses to teach you about the platform
Personal training session before launch
The AcademyOcean team is there for you every step of the way.
Customer service
Copy protection
Security center for managing settings
GDPR compliance, SSL, and encryption
All of your data is stored securely. The platform is fully compliant with the security standards of Europe and the US.
Flexible management
AcademyOcean provides administrator roles with different levels of access.

We ensure that it's easy for you to allocate responsibilities among members of your team and grant client-side managers access to stats.

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