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LMS For Healthcare

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Why AcademyOcean LMS?

Automating training for medical workers
Using our LMS for healthcare is the best way to train employees on uniform standards, share system updates, and track all employees for audit purposes.

Also, AcademyOceans gives great flexibility to medical professionals, as they can study at their own pace (the healthcare learning management system is available 24/7).
Onboarding new employees
Automate onboarding for new hires using AcademyOcean LMS for healthcare. The platform provides all the information new hires need at their fingertips, making it easier for them to adapt to their new workplace.
Compliance training
With AcademyOcean you can easily upload, assign, review and report on policies and procedures for your staff.

Minimize compliance risks, develop top healthcare professionals and take your channel partner enablement to a new level.
Assessing knowledge and certification
Be among the first to enjoy advanced healthcare e-learning solutions. The platform has tools for creating quizzes, polls, and branded certificates. Moreover, there are powerful analytics tools for tracking and monitoring learner progress.
Knowledge base
Create a portal for your company or organization's knowledge base. You can include instructions, guidelines, and treatment protocols. There's a search feature, and you can access the portal at any time.

Withing a modern healthcare and hospitality LMS, employees can consult the knowledge base in difficult situations, recalling anything they might have forgotten and filling in any knowledge gaps.
Why AcademyOcean?
AcademyOcean is the ideal healthcare LMS to compliance, onboarding, or role-specific training
  • Full set of 70+ features
    Perfect toolkit to launch your Academy
  • Cloud-based system
    The most recent version of AcademyOcean works anywhere in the world
  • Intuitive interface
    The product works the way you expect it to work. Simple and clear
  • No technical skills required
    You can launch your Academy without developers and designers
  • Mobile-friendly interface
    Your Academy is accessible from any device
  • Multilingual
    Customize your Academy interface according to the needs of your audience
  • Personalized
    Individual and personalized content for each of your learners
  • Content Bridge System
    A unique system for creating, managing, and synchronizing content

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