50 HR Conferences

in the era of COVID-19

HR conferences are one of the best and the most valuable organized events to strengthen, innovate or develop your professional skills. There are dozens of HR conferences worldwide, and they are all different.

To help you choose the best 2020 HR conference, we have done a whole bunch of research and figured out what is the duration of conferences, in what countries conferences are held, speakers from what companies make presentations and other facts.

We have done our best to make this research the most detailed and comprehensive one in its kind. Scroll down, and get a detailed picture of upcoming 2020 HR events.

Compared to 2019, 2020 has one unique feature - the spread of coronavirus. Let's see how it influenced the conferences that have already held and those that are still planned.
Check out an infographic on postponed/canceled conferences due to COVID-19. ⤵️

The conferences duration

In general, 50 of the most prestigious HR conferences will be held in 2020. The duration of conferences starts from 1 day and in almost half of the cases, it does not exceed 2 days.

The conferences HR duration

Division by dates

According to our calculation, a majority of HR conferences are held in the first half of the year. From February to June 2020, 79 % of all conferences will be held.

Well, apparently, the heat of summer’s days and rainy autumn are not the best time for holding conferences.

HR Conferences division by dates


Let’s move to the geography aspect.

The country that organizes most of the conferences — the USA. 44% of all conferences will be held right there. Speaking of Europe, 8% of HR conferences will be organized in the UK and 10% in the Netherlands.

HR Conferences geography

Attendees Number

Below is a graph that divides conferences by the number of people that attend them.

HR Conferences attendees number

56% of all conferences meet no more than 1000 people. The average number of visitors to all conferences is 1877 people.


Most often, the number of speakers varies from 26 to 50 speakers. 10% of conferences don’t specify the number of speakers in advance.

HR Conferences speakers

Stellar Speakers

We are sure everyone is curious about what well-known people they can meet at such an event. The conferences are addressed by speakers from such world-famous corporations as:

HR Conferences stellar speakers


29 conferences out of 50 provide group discounts. 36 conferences out of 50 provide Early Bird tickets.

"Early bird pricing" is often used for event tickets, such as a conference or business seminar. It's an inducement to go ahead and purchase tickets instead of waiting until later and very likely not attending the event.

"Early bird tickets" can also mean a pre-sale. Members of a fan club or a venue email group are offered tickets before they go on sale to the public. These are usually not at a discount.

It takes its name from the phrase

"The early bird gets the worm"

Early Bird discount percentage

HR Conferences Early Bird discount percentage

Most often, you can save about 50% by buying Early Bird tickets.


Ticket prices depend on the conference venue, the speakers who address the conference, the duration of the conference, etc. The average cost for an HR conference ticket is $1122.

HR Conferences ticket prices

HR conference emergence

Most HR conferences have appeared in the last 7 years. Here is a timeline that shows in what year how many new HR conferences appeared.

HR conferences emergence

Social activity

What social networks are the most trendy at the HR conferences?

HR conferences social activity

Also, in some cases, conferences use such social networks as Snapchat, Pinterest, Soundcloud, SHRM connect, internal personal communities. WhatsApp Messenger is also a common application as a means of communication with interested people.

Popular presentations topics

The Adoption of HR Technology
Machine Intelligence and Human Ingenuity
New Technologies and Recruitment
Employee Onboarding
HR Management
Employee Experience
HR Analytics
Human Resource Strategy
Talent Management

COVID–19 Update

Due to the latest news about the worldwide spread of coronavirus, holding conferences have been called into question. We have conducted additional research to present to you how the conference organizers react to the new type of virus, what steps they take and what is changed.

So here is a graph that shows the most up-to-date information.

41Remain their dates

Relevant data on March 20, 2020