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If you are looking for LMS365 alternatives, look no further than AcademyOcean LMS. Experience the best of both worlds: easy integration with Microsoft at a great price. Choose AcademyOcean LMS for a streamlined and personalized learning journey.

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Breaking Down the Features to Find Your Perfect Learning Solution

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Frontline LMS features

Easy Onboarding and Quick Launch

Say goodbye to lengthy installation processes and complicated settings. Unlike LMS365, which requires a system administrator and access to a Microsoft 365 global administrator account, AcademyOcean is ready to use without any setup.

Our team provides customized implementation sessions and ongoing support to ensure the smooth adoption of AcademyOcean. With a quick launch, you can start training within days and focus on delivering high-impact learning experiences.


Discover AcademyOcean's Pricing and Features at Your Fingertips

Unlike LMS365, where prices are concealed and require contacting their team for clarification, we provide easy access to all our plans and a comprehensive list of features on our website.

With AcademyOcean, you can make informed decisions, compare plans, and choose the perfect solution for your organization without any surprises. Experience price transparency at its best and take control of your learning journey with AcademyOcean.

Unique Technologies for Engaging Learning Experiences

Compared to LMS365, AcademyOcean takes content management to the next level. With dynamic content, you can create interactive and captivating lessons that keep your learners hooked.

Moreover, AcademyOcean stores the complete history of content changes, allowing you to quickly view and revert to specific versions of your lessons. AcademyOcean allows you to customize the learning path according to your training goals by offering linear and non-linear lesson progression.


Unleash Learner Confidence with Video Answers

Experience a transformative learning journey with AcademyOcean's Video Answers feature. Engage learners like never before as they showcase their knowledge, enhance participation, and build unwavering confidence through dynamic video responses.

Say goodbye to traditional text-based assessments and embrace the power of expressive communication for a truly immersive learning experience.


Comprehensive Tracking & Reporting Made Easy

While LMS365 requires you to set up external connectors with Power BI for in-depth analytics, AcademyOcean offers robust tracking and reporting capabilities within the platform. Our Power BI integration is a bonus for your detailed insights, while the internal analytics provide comprehensive data on learner engagement, progress, and course performance.

With AcademyOcean, you can easily monitor learner behavior, identify improvement areas, and make data-driven decisions to enhance your training programs.


Effortless Learner Management for Scalability

Overcoming the limitations of SharePoint, AcademyOcean enables unlimited separate enrollments with no restrictions on the number of users. Unlike LMS365, where you must manually enter names or email addresses, AcademyOcean offers automated learner management. Add learners seamlessly via spreadsheets or API integration, eliminating the tedious and time-consuming process.

With AcademyOcean, you can easily monitor learner behavior, identify improvement areas, and make data-driven decisions to enhance your training programs.


Uncompromising Security and Seamless Integrations

AcademyOcean ensures the utmost security of your training materials. In contrast to LMS365, which involves intricate configurations for document protection, AcademyOcean provides a user-friendly Security Center. By using it, you can easily manage settings, including restricting downloads and ensuring the security of your content by preventing unauthorized distribution.

AcademyOcean also offers extensive API, Zapier, and webhooks integrations, allowing you to connect with your favorite applications and extend the functionality of your learning ecosystem.


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